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Mine would be,

1. Naayak The Leader (2013 - Telugu) *ing Ram Charan in a double role, Kajal Aggarwal & Amala Paul.

Hated the blunderful court scene. Both the lookalikes are brought to the court where both of them claiming to be Naayak. Simple thing, conduct a DNA test, the sister of Naayak is present there, the parents of the lookalike too are present in the court. But no, the writers are way too intelligent so the court orders both the lookalikes to be kept in one house along with their family people & let the family people decide who is Naayak based on the behaviour. How did I survive this film?

2. Iddarammayilatho (2013 - Telugu) *ing Allu Arjun, Amala Paul & Catherine Tresa.

So, someone is in coma for a long time & that person has some vital information regarding the villain since he's the brother of the villain. All you've to do is hit him like hell, if he doesn't wake up from coma, light his arm on fire. Due to the shock, the patient will come out of coma & within seconds starts giving all the important information. Where does all these things happen? Yes, in a hospital. Where's the security & doctors? Ah well, the entire family of hero & heroine are killed in the "hospital" in the flashback so that's not a big blunder.

I am not considering the Hollywood films of 2013 because they're plenty starting from The Last Stand till The Hunger Games 2, I can go on. I would neglect Irandaam Ulagam's illogical scenes where a fiat car is all needed for travelling from one planet to another & everyone in the another planet speaks fluent Tamil, in the end the hero travels to third planet & even there he finds another form of heroine who speaks fluent Tamil. But since it's a love story it's fair enough to be illogical.

The power plant scene from Boss is supposed to be a PJ so it doesn't qualify.

Share your's.
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The scene in CE where Shahrukh is walking in the jungle, when he meets the man with a short height, speaks in odd language! Hated the scene.
Many scenes in Boss, Akshay running on trucks, plant in desert and everything. Though Akshay made the scene look better.
When it comes to 'Illogical', many scenes of Satyagraha were illogical.
Race 2's scene in which parachutes come in the air!
Oh yeah I had suppressed the memory of watching Race 2 & also Olympus Has Fallen.

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HIMMATWALA- TIGER scenes........!!
C.E.- The scene when srk goes to sri lanka border and comes back to village!
BOSS- Power Plant.....!
RACE 2-Parachute scene....!
BESHARAM-When girl's mother just send a girl with a guy alone from a journey chd to delhi just because LADKA DIL KA ACHA HAI by knowing him from one meeting only!

by Production Accountant (22.6k points)
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Himmatwala-The film itself was bad, and i agree that in a masala film the hero beats 30 to 40 goons but here our hero beats tiger to and tells future about his generation lol

And then the villain of the film sher khan has one slave from different parts of the country who speak different language shit

And finally himmatwala's climax our hero hero beats the goons from ghanta's and carts then the smart villain brings a bunch of street fighters from city and they beat our hero ruthlessly then hero's mother prays to devotee then all of a sudden tiger comes and saves our hero that's complete non-sense

Why try to remake a film which itself was bad

by Assistant Director (45.4k points)
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Nothing can be more illogical than the parachute scene of Race 2.

by All Time best! (268k points)

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