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+5 votes
in Trolls by Unit Manager (39.2k points)
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Ye log har cheez me Hindu-Muslim angle kaise dhund lete hai???

10 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

Rofl tier 2 superstar fans ki zindagi khans se jalte jalte hi khatam ho jayegi.

Yeh nalle bhakt log aaj kal hindu actor ke fans banne ka natak karne lage hain

Varun salman ke footsteps pe chal raha hai aur yeh apne tweet se usse salman se bada dikhana chaah raha hai
In reality its raees which beat kaabil and atleast raees was successful if not hit unlike kaabil

SS ka comparision G4 se rofl iss diwali cameo tha phir bhi screens ki problem ho gaya agle saal mega event movie TOH ke saamne screens hi nahi milne wala

by Assistant Director (41.7k points)
selected by

I am glad hrithik next movies are not connected with rakesh roshan. He is a blotch on his son. Kaabil lost to a bigger superstar. Accept it. Rather than crying about lesser screens. Feel sorry for hr.


Hritik will make a good comeback he has a good lineup now

+4 votes

Hahahahahaha Hindu raj kahan aya Hindu (akki ) khatray main hai bhai

by Production Accountant (25.8k points)
+4 votes

wait for Tiger Zinda Hai and Thugs of Hindustan.

by Assistant Director (50.7k points)

After that they will become invisible.


either they will disappear or start saying that the numbers are fake, that too without any proof


Then they'll come up with EDX logic as usual.

+4 votes

Ban these stupid people. Khans are legends for their talent. Not religion. Its dumb people like her which are a malice to our society.

by Star (144k points)
+4 votes

What so ever ... Khans will always be named the most dominant force in Bollywood history, many came and gone but they are still ruling and competing with eachother , rough phases of these superstars are much better then then best phase of other non khan stars, after khan if there is any superstar i like its Hrithik , and to be honest his name comes just after khan and he is only a strong contender in future to take place of khans once khan trio retires other stars are just like minnows infront of them , I wish Khan trio remain in the industry for one more decade and show the real face to dhokla stars like aakhsya and ajay , anyways this year will end with bang with TZH and looking the current suitation it seems Raees will remain 2nd ww , and next year it will be only Khans Jalwa with Race , TOH and Dwarf the top hits no kumar, no kapoor no devgan can survive this wave of Khans.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
+3 votes

I am really surprised to see this. Even I am seeing this a lot that they are bringing religion in everything. This is not done. As far as boxoffice is concerned ask Akki or Ajay to clash with TZH,TOH or Dwarf and then we will see the result of opening day as well as weekend. They can bring their huge movies or whatever. Don't compare with cameo and that too in small movie.

by Production Accountant (22.2k points)
+2 votes

Funniest joke I have read today "Kaabil beat Raees" ROFL

by Location Manager (6.3k points)

Kaabil beats Raees toh kaafi pehle sunta aa rahe hai hum but "Hindu Raaj is back in bollywood"...


They just wait till end of this year and they will see what the actual domination of a film looks like where records will be crushed. Too much psycho people out there on twitter.

+2 votes

She might have been a student of KRK

by Executive Producer (69.5k points)
+2 votes

Am really fed up of all this nonsense yrrr
Har jagah hindu muslim atleast films ko toh baksh do
Khans ki monopoly kya hai khula hai maidan
Jisme dum hai release kre khans ke sath movie

by Assistant Director (45.9k points)
+2 votes

Yaa i know that girl on Twitter,she was first bashing khans by saying 15cr on nonholiday is equal to 30cr on holiday as holiday gives 50% boost , her akkian group is full of retards they say khans are all because of edx, bring religion into cinema by saying Muslims don't watch Hindu stars movie they only love khans that's why khans are ahead of akki.
Leave them they are jeolous by khan's achievement because their fav can't reach to khan's position ever.even khan's bad phase is better than their best salman was bigger than akki btw 2001-2005, Srk in his bad phase also bringing better opening than akki.
They are master in making excuses.
Celebrating as if GA was clashed against a proper Aamir movie, Bring any akki or Ajay movie on 2018 diwali it will not even get 1000screens.
Akki can't dare to bring a 150cr movie backed by dharma on Eid even if it's vacant says loudly about the dominance of salman in Bollywood & they say khans had monopoly over EDX,if nobody dares to clash then what is the fault of khans
Just wait for TZH it will shut their mouths.

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)

Yes bro. G4 wont dare to release when toh is up for release..even dutt was coming on xmas to take on salman.....these guys are huge. 25 saal ae dominate kar rahe hain.....purely on talent.


Ye log EDX hutiyappa hamesha karte hai... Jabki Eid 2018 is still vacant... I can't understand why the hell their favorite star isn't booking the date???
BTW, Ur Twitter id plz!

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