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Three cheers for Reliance for there excellent release strategy and here i was thinking that only RCE is shit in release strategy..!!
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Lot of shows are getting cancelled, occupancy is not more than 15% .
This is just ridiculous, which will harm GA boxoffice collection in a big way.
Undoubtedly even in multiplexes GA will records more than twice occupancy of SS in 1st weekend.GA is a weekend movie, SS can outgross it after 1st week, but in 1st week it's all about GA.
But I have a great news previously the shows allotment was like this

Local multiplex 60:40 in favour of GA
 Inox 50:50
 PVR 65:35 in favour of SS
 India cinepoils 60:40 in favour of SS

& After looking at the advance response they will make changes that was the deal.
So the good news is after GA got huge response for advance the shows allotment has changed now it will be 50:50 in PVR where it is getting good response,new shows are getting added,3 PVR in NCR has already rectified the show timings with 50:50 share & others will also follow so don't worry tomorrow you will see equal or slightly more screens for GA in all multiplexes.
So chill though I still believe GA deserves Much more looking at the advance even for the weekend atleast.

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Bro now I think you would have understood why I was saying SS doesn't deserves the screens it is getting & GA deserves Much more


Already replied to your one post no need to post under my comment to get my attention..


What attention LOL
I just wanted to say i was right ✌✌✌✌✌✌


Yes you are right but the problem is that the false figure you have taken from Golmaal PR team was not correct...
Isme tera Kya fault hua phir tu to Fusslight ki khundas nikal raha tha.

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But I don't think you can really blame Reliance here. Yes, maybe they could've done a bit better, but Secret Superstar had been accepted as a great film prior to release (by critics/big names due to the pre-release screenings), so of course it is better for multiplexes to invest in the film that is guaranteed to attract an audience in the long term.

Plus Rohit's credibility was damaged during the whole Dilwale fiasco, and Golmaal looks like another stupid comedy - this is all pretty damaging as well.

So if you consider all of those things collectively, you may be able to get an idea as to why G4 is suffering at multiplexes.

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Completely true
Here in my city bikaner the only multiplex which has only two screens have given 5 shows to both the film and it is completely a mass circuit
Even today in all 5 shows combined Ss failed to sold even more than 200 tickets
Its just wasting the opportunity of golmaal in mass circuit which is happening all over the country

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Secret Superstar will get nothing by doing this but Golmaal 4 can. Pretty much wasting Golmaal 4 opportunity to score big throughout the weekend.

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If golmal is good movie it will recover in weekend. Whatever final collection of both movies .. those will be what they deserve. It is stupid to just focus on weekend collections.
Sultan had much bigger opening than 3 idiots but still couldn't cross it.

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You mean to say Dabangg had bigger opening than 3 idiots but couldn't cross ..
as Sultan did 300cr & 3 idiots was 203cr ..


Sorry, that was typo ... I meant ETT. ETT was one of the biggest opening and from everyone thought that it may do even 300 Crores, but eventually settled around 190 crores. Which I think it deserved.

So irrespective of opening a movie will get business what it deserves.

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I wonder why Ajay is posting friendly pictures with Aamir Khan instead of crying about the release scenario

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