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The advance booking of the Diwali releases Golmaal Again and Secret Supestar likely to open late. This year has seen advances open seven days prior to release at major multiplexes for most releases. Some have even opened before seven days.
The advances have not opened because of that age old issue of screen share. The makers of Secret Superstar asked for a 50-50 share and it was said that the distributors of Golmaal Again wanted 70% of the screens but it seems this has not really conveyed properly to multiplexes till date.
Although not 100% confirmed yet, it looks like that the screenings will go 50-50 in the biggest national chains which will be huge for Secret Superstar as Golmaal Again is a far bigger film. They have come as distributors of Golmaal Again have not really been able get their act to together and due to some personal rather than professional relations that people involved with Secret Superstar have with the big chains.
This will actually put pressure on both films as now Secret Superstar has to justify this release as the genre does not really need screen space as it is a word of mouth film. On the other hand it could make that big huge opening number difficult for Golmaal Again which did look on the cards if the release was there. Golmaal Again still will have plenty of screens but with Secret Superstar taking half the screens at multiplexes the potential capacity will be affected as these multiplexes considerably help to build capacity.
The advances may start today at places while some places may not even open by Thursday due to this screen sharing issue. There were some single screens which opened Monday for Golmaal Again and it was a very good response especially for tickets for Friday. screens
Source Link: http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3332
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This line "Golmaal Again have not really been able get their act to together and due to some personal rather than professional relations that people involved with Secret Superstar have with the big chains.".

Why didn't they directly write Aamir Khan name here. When they say SS getting 50 percent of screens due to the people involved in project. Do they think it’s Zaira,Advait who is pressuring big multiplex chains?Obviously it’s brand Aamir coming into play. Plus SS already getting rave revies.

by Production Accountant (21.6k points)
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Vikram because they are cheerleaders. They hate aamir. Solid hindi film chahiye inhe bas. Boi is damn damn biased for aamir, hr etc.

+4 votes

More surprising then the fact that SS is getting bigger release then expected is that Ajay Devgan is not doing his usual nautanki which he did during JTHJ-SOS & Shivaay-ADHM time..!!

by Mega Star (207k points)
+4 votes

Great going Aamir Khan. Ajay Devgn ko apni aukat dekha do

by Producer (111k points)
+1 vote

Lol this is the same Charsi site who said Baahubali was like a b grade film for Hindi Belt audience , Bajirao Mastani doesn't stand any chance against Dilwale but now they have full mastery of big films -small films (Coincidentally they have just realize the same just before another Aamir's film) ...
Coming to the post Secret Superstar is not a small film which is aiming for 50-60 cr lifetime , the makers are sure about content thats they are going with big release & will decent start 45-50 cr (4 day weekend) they may get a big lifetime numbers but if they start with 800-1000 screens then even with super positive WOM collection will be restricted to 25-30 cr weekend..

by Director (128k points)
+1 vote

Aamir ki aukaat dikh rahi hai............ "I don't care for Box Office" on TV, now fighting for screens just for box office

The Secret of Superstar will be revealed soon...... Go Go GO Golmaal =))

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

Lol Salman have three big distributor losses this decade Veer , Jai Ho & Tubelight while for Aamir only Dhobi Ghat & Talaash was the film to reach on breakeven point but no losses like Salman did ' DISTRIBUTOR KI LAASHEIN BICHHA DENA'...

Best of luck for SS to be next 400 Cr grosser now, ab PRDP ka Day 1 khatre mein hai, Dangal ka lifetime

Thanks for reminding me again that bhaitards like you put Salman full commercial solo film with Aamir cameo film (clash with a franchise)...

Difference in stardom of both actor..


If you can't digest the facts then its better to shut your mouth...
And JFYI i can abuse you even better then you so just tell me if are seriously interested to listen such thing for yourself...


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@Aashish if it was hidden by him or as in this case by itsboxoffice team, final decision will be taken by us. No need to post the screenshot.



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Keep it simple. A small movie like SS will get good screens because of aamir. That in itself is creditable as g4 is a much bigger film and a popular franchisee.

by Director (121k points)

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