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+2 votes
Personally I feel Rangeela  not only Aamir Khan"s best performance but comparable to only Anil Kapoor in Viraasat among  male performances since 1995.
in Movies by Assistant Director (60k points)
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11 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

He is hard working actor .....always living the character.....

But I feel lagaan his most difficult character.......

So lagaan >>>> rangeela >>> Pk

by Assistant Director (47.1k points)
selected by
+6 votes

ha ha....great thing abt this post is ...there is not a common answer....
Its Lagaan , PK , Rangeela , DCH , Sarfarosh , 3 Idiots,Dangal.....
Shows how He (Aamir) has come a long way since his starting days....as a Debutant , As a Star , As a Super Star ,as an Actor and now one of the well know face for Bollywood in Global Cinema....

by Unit Manager (30.2k points)
+3 votes

No. One of his best, yes. For me sarfarosh, lagaan, pk (the acting, i did not like the film), dangal,dch, rdb etc. So many to choose from. 1947 earth for me remains one of his most chilling and underrated performances.

by Director (132k points)
+2 votes

I also feel the same............

by Director (123k points)
+2 votes

No I feel its 3 idiots which is his best

by Production Accountant (24.9k points)
+2 votes

My Choice

Dil Chahta Hai

by Location Manager (7.5k points)
+2 votes

Tough to choose one best performance of Aamir for me
But Aamir's Rangeela film Character Munna is my fav character

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
+2 votes

PK IMO. My issue is that I am often able to see a lot of Aamir Khan in the characters he plays, but in PK he disappears into the character immediately.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)

completely i agree with u....

+2 votes

According to me it's a tie between rangeela and pk.
I love his munna character the most but pk was something else.
Never ever i felt like he is acting,he made a alien character believable by his acting only.
He made people connect to a alien character

by Production Accountant (27k points)
+2 votes

IMO May be Sarfarosh.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
+1 vote

aamir khan has given some of the finest performances among all of world cinema but the one which in my personal humble opinion stands out is in ice age 3's character "buck" ...... he was menacing charming and a little eccentric. but he played it with ease and nailed it.

by Star (152k points)

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