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Rohit Shetty's mom feels the fact that Dilwale bombed at the box office was a good thing. "'Nazar utar gayi' she told me. Bahut mehengi utri, par kya kar sakte hai," Rohit starts off, after trying to convince us in the 15-odd minutes that lead up to this moment that he only looks stern, he is actually quite a fun guy. And we vouch for that by the end of this short but rather entertaining chat with T2 Online.

Dilwale had everything that a Rohit Shetty film stands for. Flying cars, check. Physical comedy, check. Intensely blinding colours on the screen, check. So what went wrong? "Well, that was the first time we didn't follow the original script we started out with. And I've learned the hard way never again to do that," says Rohit.

Dilwale marked the comeback of the Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol hit jodi, the Raj and Simran of Indian cinema, and the Golmaal Again director, upon his own admission, got carried away on the wave of romance. "We thought we should focus on the Shah Rukh and Kajol romance angle. Encash their already existing fan base. But that kind of mushy romance is not my brand of cinema. We altered the storyline to make room for romance but lost the original plot in the bargain," says Rohit.

We probe how differently did he imagine the story the first time around. And after a minute of coaxing, where he weighed in the possibility of a copyright issue with a meek "agar koi aur sunke bana lega toh?" followed by "chalo koi baat nahi, I will tell you," and obliged. "In my original script, the characters only meet once in the first half, and directly in the second half. There's no budding romance, no dates, no songs. They are racers in the first half. I can't tell you more, but I assure you, if I narrate the script to you right now, you will be in splits," Rohit adds animatedly.

Now when we recollect Dilwale, we know exactly how different it turned out on screen. Even though we will miss the Gerua song (not), we wondered if Rohit will ever try his hand at making the original script? "Not now but I do plan to remake it after about 10 years. By that time the audience will forget Dilwale, and will come to the theatres with a fresh mind to watch a Rohit Shetty film. And that's what they will get," Rohit signs off.
Source Link: http://t2online.com/entertainment/i-want-to-remake-dilwale-with-my-original-script-rohit-shetty/cid/1.85504
asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (238k points)
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6 Answers

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That's it, the classic case of what everyone thought would be best thing abput movie was worst part of the movie..!!

SRK-Kajol romance track which clouded whole movie was a dragged, boring mess and was the worst part of movie, even climax was based on their reconciliation & marriage proposal..!!

Rohit Shetty might not be considered as a great filmmaker by people but i believe that he knows about his kind of cinema & audience and tries to do justice to it..!!

And again I'll say, i want to see SRK making an action comedy with him again, and only him though, please keep away from likes of Farah, Sajid, Prabhu Deva etc..!!

answered by Super-star (194k points)
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+3 votes

there are regular slaps , there are irregular slaps....
there are loose slaps, there are tight slaps.....

but this is a whole new level of slaptitude.

answered by Star (140k points)

Of course.


+2 votes

Encash SRK kajol combo. This is not rohit shetty. This is SRK's mind out and out. Rs would not have ended up making a classic but atleast a decent enjoyable film could have happened. SRK is paying the price for still living in the past. Wake up DDLJ days are over

answered by Cinematographer (96.5k points)

Its the people surrounded him talks about DDLJ etc etc whenever he goes on Reality shows or any show on TV they play the music and that character.

So SRK has this in mind that maybe people like his Romantic image even now.

But i feel someone should wake him up with reality than just show off from Tv shows where people get excited, but n general, people arent excited.

At this age, Superstars should stay away from Romantic films and do Universal action entertainer.

+1 vote

They were racers met only once in first half
Sounds quite interesting but nothing can be done now

answered by Casting Director (18.7k points)
+1 vote

I do wish i got to see it. The perfect follow up to CE. Still, this shows how the presence of SRK can mess with the directors mind.

answered by Production Accountant (29.5k points)
+1 vote

lol epic bezati to king of romance n his queen.... They tried to encash on Srk kajol gudi gudi romance but failed badly in india... but in overseas it clicked big time..

answered by Production Accountant (26.7k points)

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