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both bajrangi bhaijaan and tubelight were about brotherhood ... bharat has been shelved but it was also about brotherhood ....!!

both bajrangi bhaijaan and tubelight were made with same treatment (for the most part)

(doesn't matter if one is most loved movie and other is most hated)

but both movies were made with same ingredients....

like  , sincerity and innocence  of salman khan's character, sacrifice, brotherhood, commitment , faith , determination. etc.

going back to first movie.....

bajrangi bhaijaan ... probably one of the best movies of all time.... and arguably the best salman khan movie of the decade.... in terms of reception....

tubelight.... i personally didn't hate the movie.... i thought it was above average , and far better than any salman khan movie released in this decade other than BB and sultan.  but it got the reception similar to likes of MAMK, GTGH. the reception that tubelight received is arguably the worst for any top 7 stars in this decade. it is received on similar lines of like BV,  and far far worse than likes of veer, ra.one, jhms, besharam etc ..

for internet people ... its as good as ram gopal verma ki aag....  because its final IMDB score will settle at around 3.4  -  3.5 .. thats disgusting if you think about it.
now ... after that kind of reception salman khan shelved BHARAT.  which would have been the perfect end to this bhaijaan trilogy....  because that again is extremely similar to both bajrangi bhaijaan and tubelight

bharat would also have same ingredients ...... sincerity and innocence  of salman khan's character, sacrifice, brotherhood, commitment , faith , determination. etc. ... its absolutely uncanny how much of these things will be similar to both previous movies... which we are gonna miss out on.... and im extremely disapointed about that..

do you think kabir khan .... should finish this trilogy .... with salman khan with BHARAT??
asked in Movie Discussions by Star (145k points)
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Consider PRDP to be the 2nd one & Tubelight to be 3rd na.

With the debacle of Tubelight, Salman-Kabir combo will not be hot in the trade. Let them take a break & then work together when things fall into place.


PRDP had theme of brotherhood but the treatment with which it was made was absolutely different from BB and tubelight.

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I myself like Salman Khan in his larger than life images or quasi-negative roles of Kick more than these sweet roles from box-office point of view.

answered by Assistant Director (47.1k points)
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wasn't bajrangi bhaijaan larger than life ??!?!! and still a boxoffice juggernaut.....

the BOLLYWOOD MOVIE TO SHOW MAXIMUM GROWTH UNIVERSALLY ON PEAK LEVELS FROM FIRST DAY TO LIFETIME & WEEKEND TO LIFETIME SINCE GADAR ....that too with a clash ...that too with baahubali in north markets and south circuits.

pk and dangal came close but those were multiplex heavy.


I like every film of Salman to be like Bajrangi but it's not easy for anyone


Are wah Bajrangi ko Dangal se bhi zyada universal bana diya.Once an idiot always an idiot.

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One thing is sure bharat won't happen now coz KHAN has replaced bharat as of now so KHAN will be way better option than bharat

answered by Production Accountant (22.2k points)

there is absolutley no information about KHAN as of now.... but yeah if salman khan chose it over bharat then that means its more commercial. but khan is being taken over by ali abbas zafar... and bharat rights are still with salman khan. so what i asked is .... making bharat with kabir khan... to finish to trilogy would be a great idea.

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