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asked in General by Camera Operator (8.7k points)
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Lol. Come on, this is literally nothing. Much worse has happened. Much worse were said & reported by media only in late 90s & early 2000.

This rant is no different than the one with fake baba from last season.

First of all, his claim to enter Bigg Boss was Dawood Ibrahim. That case itself is swinging on his neck. These petty things are literally nothing. It's same as the old guy during public reviews giving out m-c B-C gaalis.

Insult toh uska hi hota hai jo bahut hi reputed and respected hota hai... Tere favorite star ki naa toh koi izzat hai aur nhi reputation... Fir usko bhala koi kaise insult kar sakta hai???

I feel pity on salman’s stardom.....cos a guy like zubair khan also openly challenging him.

I feel pity on Srk's stardom and aukaat.... Jis Salman ko Zubair openly challenge karta hai usi Salman ke darr se Srk bhag jata hai... #Too Much Funn!

3 Answers

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That's my favorite moment when Bhai haters get orgasm in someone like Zubair Khan's words... Hahaha.

Bhai ne bola tha ki Zubair ko Kutta bana dega... But sirf Zubair hi bahut saare Bhai hatets ko bhi kutta bana diya hai Bhai ne... Zubair ke sath sath ye kutte bhi bhonk rahe hain... #Too Much Funn!

answered by Production Accountant (29.2k points)

Zubair ab salman ko ghar bathayega....karma hits bk.

Last year Bhai haters Swami Om ki chat rahe isbaar Zubair ki chat rahe hai... Pata nhi aur kis kiski chatenge ye hutiye log...

Dekhlo ab salman ki taakat....even a 2 ruppee person like zubair challenging him n insulting him on social media

Aur Srk ki aukaat dekh le... Jis Salman ko Zubair challenge karta hai usi ke darr se bhag jata hai... #Too Much Funn.

+2 votes

what battle? some loser trying to use Salman's name for his own gain. he will get some media attention, then disappear.

answered by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
0 votes

Harish salve hai na. 60 lakh leke bacha dega. Pehle bhi convicted hone ke baad bacha diya tha.

answered by Executive Producer (68.2k points)

There is a kahawat.... "Khisiani Billi Khamba noche"...

Tere liye arz kiya hai.

Gunah Karke Saza Se Darte Hai
Zehar Pee k Dawa Se Darte Hai
Dushmano k Sitam Ka Khauff Nahi
Hum Toh Doston Ki Wafa Se Darte Hain.

Shayri bahut badhiya hai... But hamare nok-jhok se match nhi kar raha..

Iss nok-jhok main kya rakha hain. Aur ek sun bhai.

Har taraf padhai ka saya hai
Kitabon mein kisne sukh paya hai
Hum to jaate the tuition ladkiyaan dekhne

Aur Sir kehte the
Dekho itni barsaat mein bhi ladka padhne aaya hai

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