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Because i am sure that Secret Superstar final WW Lifetime will be atleast 100 cr more than Tubelight but Tiger the real king want comparison between opening day & weekend for Eid festival release Tubelight vs Aamir extended cameo film secret superstar which is also clashing with a frachise film Golmaal 4..

I mean to say seriously there is such huge gap between stardom of both actors thats why Tiger the real king is forced to compare between those movies because on equal ground we knows how badly Aamir defeat salman in recent years.
asked in Opinion by Director (127k points)
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Tubelight was promoted more and showed his stardom.
U have to compare apple with apples.

Aamir is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ahead. I'm not saying this, Forbes magazine which is popular here says that.

answered by Second Unit Director (72.7k points)
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Many magazines used to say that SRK is the World's biggest superstar, King and blah blah blah.... Do you believe those magazines too? IMO those all were just shitty PR works...


not many magazine, they are world biggest news portal ,BBC, CNN, sky news


Lol.... Look at box office then see what those portals say then decide yourself either those are correct or those all are just PR works...


in that case they would not choose anybody from bollywood.

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hahaha kyun secret suprstar ko tzh se compare karne main darr lag raha hai???

answered by Star (145k points)

Hahahahaha no I don't have any problem in comparison of both film but actually I was overestimating Salman stardom ki Nahi big budget action movie hai sequel hai yrf bhi hai to accha Kar legi but because Bhaijaan fans himself don't believe on Salman stardom that's why comparing a movie like secret Superstar with TZH...
Hahaha bhagodha nova to besharmi ke Saath trolled ho Gaya...


hahaha choti choti khushiyan


Be it chhoti aur badhi atleast we remain with our superstar unlike you who become Usain bolt no. 1 bhagodha once Salman film became unsuccessful....

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First of all Tubelight didn't get Eid festivity on 1st day and weekend...you must get your facts correct.

Secondly (and the main point), I have never asked for any comparasion between Tubelight and Secret Superstar. It's you who was comparing SS and TL and asking for a bet again and again.... Then I just replied that since we all know that opening numbers decide stardom then let's have a bet on opening day and weekend. What's wrong in it???

And BTW, Aamir is calling Secret Superstar much bigger film than Dangal....Many Aamir fans are chanting that it will be the highest grosser of the year (collections will be much more than TZH & Padmavati).....Some Aamir fans are saying that it'll be the highest Aamir Khan grosser in Turkey/Somalia/Uganda.....A few are celebrating that Pehlaj Nihlani is fearing to take on Secret Superstar due to Aamir's gigastardom........Therefore, even if someone compare TL with SS there will be nothing wrong as Aamir himself and Aamir fans are justifying the comparasion (though I'm not comparing them until any Aamir fan makes me to them)..

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
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So u think SS will do 150+ in India while 10 mil in overseas right? SS is not that kind of movie it won't go past 70cr and u dreaming 150cr and 10 mil in overseas I think u are out of your senses neither it will do 150 in India nor 10 mil at overseas

answered by Production Accountant (22.2k points)

Lol when I said that it will do 150 Cr in India or 10 ml in overseas...
And for your information it was already confirmed by Aamir sir that it will going to release in China as well so overseas will be much more than 10 ml$ & final WW will be atleast 100 Cr more than Tubelight...


Coz u said SS will do at least 100cr more than tubelight worldwide


So u think every amir movie will do like dangal in China? Get well soon dangal did record breaking due to its merit not coz of aamir


Lol yes ofcourse Dangal worked because of its merit but it's Aamir who actually have it platform to perform big in China as without him it was not even release in China & even if release remain unnoticed till it's theatrical time...
For example 3 idiots was also brilliant film but it hardly did 3 m$ because Aamir was unknown at that time in China market...
And regarding Secret Superstar business in China ya i am not saying that it's also 200 m$ from China but because of Aamir popularity a minimum 15 m$ is given for opening weekend...

+1 vote

Well you know Tiger is a brainless idiot. He is just a waste of space in this universe.

answered by Executive Producer (69.1k points)

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