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Highest grosser of the century :
Salman - 1 (70 movies)
Rest of Bollywood - 0 (more than 10000 movies)

Biggest Hit of the decade :
Salman - 2
Rest of Bollywood - 1 (Aamir - aukaat se bahar hai)

Highest grosser of the decade :
Salman - 2
Rest of Bollywood - 1

Top3 Grossers of the year :
Salman - 1
Rest of Bollywood - 0 (obviously including Aamir)

Top 2 Grossers of the year :
Salman - 4
Rest of Bollywood - 2 (Aamir - aukaat se bahar hai)

6cr/7cr Footfalls :
Salman - 1
Rest of Bollywood - 0 (Aamir - even 4.1cr ff is aukaat se bahar)..
Source : Boxofficeindia.com (new and old).
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I don't understand the concept of Highest grosser of century or even decade

Is it fair to compare movies which released 10 years apart..??

Highest grosser of year or comparison within 2-3 or 3-4 years is considered ok due to rates but what's the point of comparing highest grossers which released 10-20 years apart, otherwise Bombay Velvet has more nett collection then Sholay..!!

answered by Super-star (193k points)

Absolutely.... But the same logic is equally applicable for ATG, isn't it? Today a film can collect 10 times more than likes of DDLJ, MPK, RH etc and bcm ATG.... Does that mean this ATG is bigger than MPK, DDLJ and RH? If no then WTH so much chaos over ATG??? If chaos on ATG acceptable then nothing is wrong if someone talks about HGOTC or HGOTD...

–2 votes

Your post is very misleading if we see the proper analysis.. I know it may be a reply to some fan fight in the forum.... Salman Khan has done 61 movies according to BOI.. and you are judging on Base of Hum Apke Hain Kaun Salman is huge star.. But u just can't take out other actors and bad mouth... IF Salman has a choice to choose between u and SRK or Aamir.. U know the answer.. Just chill...

answered by Second Unit Director (70.3k points)

Did I even mention HAHK here? you may not like them but they are pure statistics. As far as I know I hadn't posted any wrong information.

BTW, if you know that this is a reply to fan fight... Why are you bothering to answer here?

No but HGOTD and stuff are indirectly linked to Hum Apke Hain Kaun... I answered coz I thought this forum is bigger than the fan fights.. I have been in touch with this group since 2013...be it boxofficeday and don't remember other names.. So it is bigger than baseless fights.. My answers are indirect request to stop fights and instead stop humiliation of Superstars

Very noble thought.... But a simple question why don't you ask those who always start these fan fights? Since yesterday some SRKians are getting orgasm over Zubair Khan's blabbering over Bhai.... But I haven't seen you asking them to stop such hutiyappa... Why???

Question BTW Zubair and Salman should be blocked at instant....

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