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asked in Movie Discussions by Star (145k points)
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Politically sound person, big business mind. It's his strength. Why feel jealous ?

answered by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
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so if a guy who is a genius mind doesn't mean people would be jealous of him..... we are just pointing out how manipulative he is....

hitler , donald trump ... both are genius minds.... and manipulative. won't make them good people.... or worthy of other's jealousy of them... not even a single bit.

we are not talking about that sort of minds these people have .... what we are saying is different....

aamir is and has been doing what akshay kumar is doing....... leave your self respect and dignity at home...

these people would sell even closest people to them.... themselves for an extra dime.

and in fact... their history is the evidence of that.

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Aamir is calling Secret Superstar much bigger film than Dangal....Many Aamir fans are chanting that it will be the highest grosser of the year (collections will be much more than TZH & Padmavati).....Some Aamir fans are saying that it'll be the highest Aamir Khan grosser in Turkey/Somalia/Uganda.....A few are celebrating that Pehlaj Nihlani is fearing to take on Secret Superstar due to Aamir's stardom........But believe me if Secret Superstar doesn't work at box office then suddenly it'll become a small niche film where Aamir did just a cameo/guest role.....Matlab Agar film chala toh Aamir Khan starrer and nhi chala toh Aamir ka koi bhi naata nhi hai film se... Hahaha.

answered by Unit Manager (34.9k points)
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Secret Super star will cross 1000cr in India alone don't underestimate the power of empowerment of women. we have already seen in Dangal

answered by Location Scout (4.2k points)
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So isn't that true. What do u want him to say? Feel like a r aped woman?.lol

answered by Second Unit Director (72.7k points)

Thanks to Bhojpuri masala dependent star because he ensure that masala is not only good for taste but sometime it can help you to earn rozi roti...

MDH ho ya Catch ho but masala hona mangta hai..
Otherwise Fusslight
Hihihihihihih hahahhahahhaha


, Jiska favorite intolerant Khan masala Ghajini se 2008 ko paida hua hai.... Usko ab bhai ki masala movies se problems hai... Hahaha.

Waise bin masala ke intolerant Khan ki bhi aukaat dekho... Talaash, Dhobighat... Lol.

Masala hai toh intolerant Khan hai masala nhi toh Talaash aur Dhobighat hai.. Hahaha hahahahaa hahahahaha hahahahaha.


Hahahaha bhaitards ki phat gayi lol i am betting that in final lifetime Secret superstar going to rape Fussslight & beat its WW figure by atleast 100 Cr lol if you have guts then so done.

And if Secret superstar release solo in this diwali then i can also say about its domestic but in a clash with a franchise movie like golmaal 4 going to affect it...

Dum hai picchwade hai to laga bet if Secret superstar Final WW remain less than Fusslight +100 Cr WW then i start praising Salman in each of his related post but if Secret superstar beat FUSSLIGHT then you have to praise Aamir in each post...Till then not even a single word against each star...
Bol dum hai picchwade me...


Bahut pichwada pichwada kar raha Hai... Lagta tere pichwade me bahut dum hai... Mera auzaar bhi bahut majboot hai but unfortunately main road pe marwane walo ke moonh tak pe maim isko nhi dalta... Tu kehe toh apna Kutta bhej deta hu tera khujli mita dega... Hahaha

Less than 100cr pe bet.. Hahaha....himmat hai toh 1st day, 1st weekend, and 1st week pe bet laga...