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Salman Khan vs Aamir Khan.....Distributors Share :

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Since Tubelight release (to till now) many Aamir fans have been continuously shouting on Salman movies distributors shares. Let's compare Salman vs Aamir's distributor shares and make everything "Doodh Ka Doodh Aur Paani Ka Paani.

150cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 2 movies
Aamir - 2 movies

100cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 5 movies
Aamir - only 3 movies

50cr Distributor Share :
Salman - 12 movies
Aamir - only 5 movies (less than half of Salman)
Some shameless idiots might still appear to chant on Tubelight distributors loss. But these blind retards can't see how many times Salman ensures hundreds crores earnings for distributors..
Source Link: Boxofficeindia.com
asked Oct 10, 2017 in General by TIGER- the real king Unit Manager (37,894 points)
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edited Nov 2, 2017 by TIGER- the real king

5 Answers

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Best answer

Sheer dominance by Salman over aamir........

But aamir did lesser movies......

Both are great superstar.......

answered Oct 10, 2017 by power Assistant Director (46,766 points)
selected Nov 2, 2017 by TIGER- the real king
+3 votes

"Let's compare Salman vs Shahrukh's distributor shares and make everything "Doodh Ka Doodh Aur Paani Ka Paani"

Proceeds to compare Salman & Aamir..!!

answered Oct 10, 2017 by THUNDER BIRD Mega Star (207,822 points)

This process will be continued if any other fanbase start questioning Salman movies distributors shares... Like Salman vs Hrithik... Salman vs Akshay

Genius ...

Shukriya janab

+2 votes

Salman Khan is the Original Megastar-Stardust Jan.11

answered Oct 10, 2017 by shah Executive Producer (65,378 points)

ye to stardust hai ... chalo let see what aamir khan himself says about salman khan.

jab salman khan aata hai to lagta hai k koi star aya hai ..aur jab main aata hun to lagta hai k koi waiter aya hai.

+1 vote

Tiger just 1 line

Much Lesser movies of Aamir.

answered Oct 10, 2017 by Saurabh Camera Operator (8,483 points)

Yuppp... But u guys should also remember that Salman has many movies to compensate Tubelight.

BTW, I've never been an Aamir hater....Even in this post I'm not bashing Aamir... But some Aamir fans relentless hutiyappa on Bhai forced me to make a comparasion between Salman and Aamir.

Just have a look at the Answer of an idiot called Grand Nova.

He can live with his illusions.Doesn't matter.

0 votes

there is no comparison .... of salman khan against likes of jeckie shroff , nawaz ud din , aamir khan , vijay raaz.... etc. there is a saying k ....kahan raja bhoj kahan gangu teli.

some guy was saying like ...aamir khan made huge amount of money from dangal .... .....like its unprecedented .... to those ... children i would just say....salman khan makes more money from a single bigg boss season than this guy made after his movie did 2000cr worldwide.

just 10 days more ....and you will see .....all the 39 fans of aamir khan in the world ... will commit suicide .... after TZH teaser.

answered Oct 10, 2017 by Grand Nova Star (154,056 points)

all the 39 fans. hahhahahha.

tubelight my mahn ...i thinnk it will be released like a surprise this diwali

@Grandy Thanks bro

@Idiot Nova,

TL-210cr WW

9cr footfalls WW of Dangal>>>>>>>>>>>WW footfalls of any Salman movie.

Overseas gross of Dangal>>>>>>>>>>>>>Overseas Career gross of Salman.

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