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2017 is one of the worst years for Bollywood but a little has been done by Varun with Badrinath ki Dulhania and Judwaa 2
asked in Box Office Related by Assistant Director (47.1k points)
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He isnt. Nepotism is an overrated word. One should remember for every star kid who makes it big five star kids fail too. For every varun dhawan there are aadar jain, armaan jain etc etc.

A big family can give you chances but talent make s you sustain.

answered by Producer (102k points)
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Nikeel I agree. If nepotism is the way to success, then how on earth outsiders like SRK and Akshay make it so big?

Look at the heroines. From madhuri to aishwarya to katrina to deepika to anushka.......all are outsiders. Its kangana ranaut's frustration nothing else. If having a big name was gurantee to success uday chopra and abhishek bacchan would be megastars. Gavaskar's son would be a legend. Lol


+1 from me. Exactly what is I was thinking. Kangana just wants fame from media.


My idea is similar to@intense


@Intense ---- Kangana is a hypocrite who said in an interview that nepotism doesn't bother her which was in 2007. Now she has a problem with it via KJO.

This is what she said in 2007:

Many kids from filmi background are entering the industry. Do you feel

No I don't. I like to do films that have been written especially for
me. Like when I did Gangster, everyone said that only Kangana could
play that role. And when the director knows that only I can do a
particular role, then there is no question of anybody else being cast
for it! I want work but I don't want all of it! The other actresses
can take the remaining of the work (laughs).

Link ---


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Varun Dhawan is a gift to Bollywood. Nepotism does not come anywhere near this sentence

answered by Director (135k points)

I totally agree


Completely agree.

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Nepotism works only in first few movies then it's all about your talent and hard work. Varun is indeed a gift to Bollywood.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
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Well we can say that Bollywood is in very bad stage if someone like Varun Dhawan is considered as a gift to Bollywood..!!

answered by Super-star (199k points)
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Varun Dhawan is gift?
He is yet to do 2nd good film except Badlapur and he is gift. Such frog shall be slapped out of industry.

answered by Super-star (166k points)

Whom do you consider a gift for Bollywood Ali Abbas/Rohit Shetty or Anurag Kashyap/Vishal Bharadwaj? Ur so called good films logic says Anurag/Vishal.... Isn't?


Is that even a question.
Anyways I consider Raju as gift.
Anurag and Vshal are better than Rohit Shitty and Abas Chultan.


Anurag Kashyap>>>Ali Abbas/Rohit Shetty... Hahaha... Paazi aap critic toh sahi ho but pata nhi aapko kisne trade analyst ka tamga bhi de diya...

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