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Rumor no one wants to be true.. SRK in Judwaa 3..What the ****...

6 Answers

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No Man. David said that if hee make Judwaa into series then he will take SRK Ranveer Saif etc etc . Its just a statement not like i will take them in my next film....

answered Oct 9, 2017 by iamkhan8970 Producer (108,068 points)
selected Oct 27, 2017 by Haider
+2 votes

If it's true , Shahrukh Khan will have his first out and out clean Hit in comedy genre

answered Oct 9, 2017 by shah Assistant Director (51,944 points)

Wasn't Chennai express giving comedy shades???? It had much more comedy than Judwaa 2

Its more of action, romance, adventure and yes comedy

+1 vote

Lol, Judwaa 2 has just come and still in its second week & there are Judwaa 3 rumors.

answered Oct 9, 2017 by Fur1233 Location Manager (5,461 points)
+1 vote

Why you said like this that no one wants this rumour to be true?
Judwaa 2 is a superhit film which means audience loves this franchise.

answered Oct 9, 2017 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (20,677 points)

Judwaa is not a franchise for a 52 year old actor.... Jokes won't suit srk.. Despite giving his best he was misfit in JHMS

+1 vote

Judwaa is not a series, as Judwaa 2 is a remake of Judwaa. Nobody wants the same story again, specially with Srk .

answered Oct 9, 2017 by Criminal Director (134,871 points)
0 votes

Please. SRK in j3 is the last thing I want to see. He needs to stick to dwarf and make sure he makes a decent film atleast.

answered Oct 10, 2017 by Intense Producer (103,616 points)

Why..?? Varun ki Judwaa me to bade man me ladoo phut rahe the..??

Even though i also don't like this idea but tumhe to aacha lagna chahiye, afterall you are a big Judwaa fan..!!

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