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A few months ago this brand manager stopped handling a certain top male superstar’s work because sudden issues surfaced between them. His family sided with him and because of that stories started coming out on the family being the reason behind the manager’s exit. But the truth was something else, which neither side wanted to reveal! Soon, the manager found another top superstar’s work to handle and it all seemed well for sometime. These two superstars have been friends before.

While the male superstar didn’t much care about his ex-manager handling the other superstar’s work, recently he came to hear a few things which has made him very upset. When the manager left this superstar, her brand team took his entire contacts and gave it to the new client – from his brands to channel heads and event management companies! It was as if the superstar’s hard work built up over the years, little by little, was handed over on a platter to the new client who was enjoying himself availing of these contacts and earning tons of money. Also, the manager tried till recently to get the new client to host a popular reality show, which the other superstar has hosted until now. But the channel refused to oblige. This action of his ex-manager has infuriated the superstar more.

Naturally, the male superstar is fuming at the new developments, but there is not much he can do. People in B-Town are talking of this rift between the two superstars and while the former one has hired another brand management agency, they are still learning the ropes and it will take time for the actor to get back on his feet.

Source Link: https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/guess-who/why-these-two-top-male-superstars-are-currently-loggerheads-each-other-388767
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pretty obvious to me that it's Sallu and Akshay.

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Well i guess Akshay has taken 1 Akki = 3 Khans seriously..!!

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Reshma shetty is a bitch she tried to convince colours to handover command of bigg boss to her new boss akki but colours declined it now she is playing her 2nd card by stopping sid and aditya to not work with Salman as if she will manage blockbuster movies for them, reshma is in twinkle khannas hands and twinkle is jealous of Salman khan to the core she along with amar butala, komal,taran etc plotted conspiracy against Tubelight and created negativity before release and somehow they succeeded, but at the last I wanna say that no reshma, butala, twinkle,karan, akki, komal and taran dethrone Megastar Salman Khan but he does himself

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bro do you know why Salman fired her in the first place?


As far as I am aware of the story that she and Alvira had a fight over movie dates and she was reluctant to give in that's y Alvira directly talked to salman and advised him to sack her to out of the boundary line

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Isn't it well known that Reshma made Salman what he is today.

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Kyun movies main reshma hot I thi so called analyst Sahab? Reshma had been working with him since 2007 then y the hell he had given flops in 2007,08 and 2009 it is Salman khan which was very lazy but after a fight with Srk he got serious with his work and then there was no looking back


Yup.... Reshma ne khud 30cr tickets kharida aur 8 blockbusters banwaya within 6-7 years....lol!!! If u meant publicites done by Reshma Shetty then WTH global PR and publicity king is struggling to deliver 60cr grossers??? Ye Cinetrack wale bhi naa jane kaha kaha se dhund ke aise namuno ko critic/analyst appoint karte hai...lol!


Hahahahahaha bas tiger bhai Charlie bhai Saab kahin apko ban na krden


Mods and admins bewakuf nhi h ki aise bakwas karne wale ko reply dene ke liye ban kar de...