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asked in Movie Discussions by Mega Star (245k points)
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i can say this with guarantee that this guy has absolutely no future in bollywood....
competition is too strong.... and he is a sifarshi actor.

answered by Star (145k points)
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he looks more apt to play a villain than a hero. specially in a love story.

answered by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

Na Salman is superstitious. Don't think he will support launch of Aayush in the same genre/character as Arbaaz Khan.

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So salman is going to launch​ Aayush after being forced by arpita.
I guess Aayush married arpita to make it big in Bollywood, arpita was upset with salman because he wasn't so keen to launch Aayush.but as Nova Bhai said he has no future in Bollywood, competition is strong.but if he would have a relative with a megastar family down south then perhaps he could have make it big not because there is not strong competition but due to hero worship down south.
Here people are more cruel for starkid nowadays.
So arbaaz is behind salman for dabbangg 3 to earn by banking on his brother's stardom & arpita is behind salman for his talentless husband.
Good going Bhai's family.Take full advantage of a superstar brother

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)

First thing it is true that arpita was upset with salman because he wasn't so keen to launch Aayush.
Now 2nd thing as a fan i will always wish my fav to work with the best,yrf is atleast giving him project which justify his stardom.dabbang2 was terrible to say the least, when on top work with the biggest.Arbaaz is 25 years old in industry, can't he understands the franchise died itself in 2012 with a pathetic sequel.he has also some responsibility as a brother.
Why he is just behind salman for the movie????
Atleast give him a decent project.
Then what wrong i said if i said that arbaaj just wants to earn banking on salman's Stardom.
I know family is the first thing but you should take emotions out of profession.
Because what is salman​ today is all because of the paisa paying public,so he should care for them also.
And love for your family is not justified only by doing movie for them , this love had taken him so down last decade.
Those who separate family emotions from profession do you think they are fools?
Iam not saying to not do movies​ for family but atleast with a decent script not for just sake of it, when his whole fanbase is disappointed don't you think he has some responsibility towards fans also?
Hope you understand my point

  1. Whatever hate Dabangg 2 receives, strictly on social media. It wasn't there with the theatre going audience when it released. It was not a good film for sure.

  2. Like I said, if Dabangg 3 has to happen, Salman will have to go to Arbaaz Khan the producer.

  3. Ok let's assume, Arpita is hurt by Arjun Kapoor & she wants her husband to be a film star. Still, she married Ayush in 2014 & ever since he has been put under training for his debut. He immediately joined SKF to learn directing with Kabir Khan during Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Then, PRDP to Sultan to ADHM to even Tubelight. Where do you see Arpita creating a scene when Ayush has been trained under best of the best which no newcomer will get?

  4. Salman is responsible for his fans too. His recent best film still happened under his home production & not YRF or any other production house.

In the end, he does film to please the fans only. Ofcourse money is primary but entire process happens with him keeping his fans in mind.

It's the same with fans trolling daisy shah. She's part of his in-house talent management which he has started. He is committed to provide a break to her or anyone who is already signed. Fans don't get it at all that it's a do or die for Salman with in-house talent management as the entire industry would want him to fail.

It's not emotion. It's pure business. And if you ask why he favours his friends & family, that's how business is done in Bollywood. It's a better way to invest money on known people than unknown who can't get you any investors.


Suhas bro just wait till 2020 Aayush will divorce arpita just like pulkit divorced sweta then you will get your answer that why Aayush married arpita?
Time will tell you


Na somebody's personal life isn't something to joke about or argue about. Let's just stick to movies.