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For abusing a fellow user

No warnings will be given and straight up ban for 28 days.
asked in General by Mega Star (234k points)
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5 Answers

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He got what he deserved, I also saw the comment fight b/w him and tiger and it was him who started abusing Tiger.

answered by Set Designer (1.9k points)
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+3 votes

Deserves it. He is a very divisive user and he has been provoking other fan bases very badly.

answered by Cinematographer (92.5k points)
+2 votes

Comments padh ke bahut maza aaya....

answered by Assistant Director (43k points)
+1 vote

Tiger also called him bhi Kari etc in response. Why double standard here?

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)

No double standard here. Went through the entire comment section.

It was user Vectus aka Satyakam who crossed the line & resorted to continuous abusing.

You can check the replies again.

@Kashyap....no issues/double standards here.....
We can still tolerate users calling each other to some extent like Bhikari,sadakchaap etc etc....but the moment u cross the line like abusing parents...no way.....
Vectus said "Suar ki Aulaad" ....and that's enough for his ban....
No need to explain the reason but still doing it...as need to kill time before my flight....

+1 vote

The forum will return to normalcy for 28 days

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

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