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+3 votes
Biwi no1 - 1.23cr

HSSH - 1.21cr

Baadshah - 1.10cr

Mann - 1.09cr

Trimurty - 1.06cr

Koyla - 1.06cr

Hello Brother - 1.04cr

DTPH - 0.98cr

Ishq - 0.94cr

Dil Se - 0.93cr

HDDCS - 0.92cr

Janam Samajha Karo - 0.92cr

KKHH - 0.87cr

Sarfarosh - 0.83cr

Jeet - 0.82cr

Bandhan - 0.81cr

Karan Arjun - 0.80cr

PKTDK - 0.80cr

Judwa - 0.76cr

Ghulam - 0.75cr
Salman Khan - 10 movies.
Shahrukh Khan - 7 movies.
Aamir Khan - 4 movies.
P.S - This post's purpose isn't to downgrade any star... It's been posted for general information, which unknown to most of us.
asked in General by Production Accountant (29.2k points)
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11 Answers

+4 votes

Domestic box office wise Salman and SRK went down pretty much even in the 90s. Yes he was always a superstar and very dominant till 1999. Salman was as popular as SRK back in those days and a rage amongst females too.

answered by Cinematographer (92.5k points)
+2 votes

Solid reply to those who says​ salman is 2010born star.
He was definitely among top3 in 90's in terms of popularity and most successful among khans in 90's.
irony is I was going to post this data now but you posted before me.
Good job.peoples who are blind need​ reality check.

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

@Tiger making Aamir-Salman 08 and 10 born stars was a misdeed of SRKians to make their Gigastar look biggest.All 3 Khans are ruling since 90s and no one in their senses can deny this.

Agree....I hv never called any of them smaller until someone forced me to do so.

nobody was clear or undisputed number 1 in the 90's , they were young stars at that time, mostly depended on big directors or banners or films at that time, the game really started after 2000 or you can say 2005 when they grow old and had to carry any film on their own shoulders, earlier they were young in 90's so mostly depended on good directors.

Statistics clearly says that Salman was light years ahead of others in nineties....still I have accepted that other two Khans were also big. But now u r forcing me to bash ur favorite star... Chalo firbhi bash nhi karta.... But what Salman achieved till 1999.... 99% bollywood stars can't achieve that in their entire career.... #Mind it.

+2 votes

Sallu Bhai.....rocks.....

He definitely most popular star 90s....with solid fan following...

answered by Unit Manager (38.2k points)
+2 votes

Yes u nailed it bro Salman was ahead of srk and aamir in 90s having more hits and more hgoty to his name that was biased media who manipulated facts with fiction Salman was bigger star than srk and aamir in 90s even srk and saif said it times and again but srk fans are reluctant but facts are facts Good work bro

answered by Casting Director (17.4k points)
+2 votes

DDLj.HAHK and Raja Hindustani not in the list.Wow.

answered by Director (138k points)

All those 3 movies weren't great openers...

DDLJ was Pre Diwali release. Collection from Day 5 were record breaking. Had biggest 2nd Week and so on.

+2 votes

Dynamics of 90's were different... Huge grossers didn't open huge.. Amazed to see Baadshah and Mann as top openers

answered by Second Unit Director (70.3k points)

Agree.... But many people say that Salman movies always open to poor responses in nineties... That's untrue, I think.

+2 votes

11 th one is Kuch Kuch Hota Hain .

answered by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

I didn't count that... Even without KKHH Salman was way ahead of others.

+1 vote

some said amir was flop star in 90's ,

answered by Set Decorator (1.5k points)
–1 vote

Good post...
Salman khan - 10 movies (Multistarrer- 7, Solo-3)
Special note : judwa , jsk & Bandhan (in which Jackie shroff has a good supporting role) counted as a solo , without Bandhan Salman count was 2.

Srk - 7 movies (5 Solo , 2 multistarrer)
Special note : Srk get benefit of Salman cameo in KKHH & Akshay DTPH.

Aamir -4 movies ( 3 solo , 1 multistarrer)

Please note that I have just added some important information in this post so don't take it otherwise. THANKS

answered by Director (123k points)

Phat gayi as usual ricksha wale ki chal 1st Weekend , week ka TOH vs Race 3 laga dum hai to picchwade me...

Chal laga liya Race3 vs TOH weekend.... Tere pichwade me toh bahut dum hai... Fir tu bhi laga le Tubelight vs secret chu-tiyastar 1st day and weekend..

Lol hahahhahhahahha as i said comparison looks good when both thing remain equal...
Now don't say Salman festival release fussslight is equal to Aamir extended cameo release Secret superstar that too with a clash with a franchise like Golmaal 4.

Mene teri baat maan li... And bet bhi laga liya... Ab tera kyu phatt raha hai bet lagane me??? Clash, solo release and blah blah blah ka excuse de raha hai..... Agar intolerant Khan me itna hi jyada Gigastardom hai toh fir apni film ke liye solo release ensure kyu nhi kar paya???

–2 votes

A common sense that you dont compare Opening Days for a span of 10 years. Among Best openers of 1990s Darr isn't in list and so goes with other films. A ₹50 lakh opening in 1993 is par ₹1.5cr in 1999. Idioticy.

A Judwaa 2 opening ₹15cr in 2017 doesnt mean its better than ₹14cr of Dabbangg in 2010.

answered by Super-star (165k points)

It's you who lacks the common sense....It was clearly written in the headline "top 20 opening day collections"... But you are chanting here keeping in mind that I wrote "top 20 best opening days"...

even if darr was all time opener doesn't matter at all, srk was young at that time so all the opeining darr got was due to sunny megastardom alone.

infact whole 90's sunny deol or Amitabh bachaan had biggest stardom or initial pull than the 3 khans as they were senior stars,

Kya newcomers newcomers laga rakha hai? Look at senior stars aukaat in front of newcomers... http://forums.itsboxoffice.com/592376/nineties-youngsters-vs-todays-youngsters-views
Though I agree that Sunny Deol and Amitji were ahead of Khans in terms of popularity and mass following but box office wise Salman and Srk were way ahead of others in nineties.

–3 votes

Salman's first solo film in this list is at no.7(i.e hello brother), this says all about his gigastardom in 90's.........

answered by Production Accountant (29.7k points)

HSSH, BN1 etc me toh 60cr ke liye tarasnewala global king lead actor tha nas

Yes srk and aamir fans ko toh yehi lgta hai ink liye trimurthi,darr,ishaq,kkhh were great openers due to their stars but jeet,bhandan,biwi no.1 and hssh were great openers due to multistarers actually they have done PhDs in facts manipulation

Let them try to manipulate the facts how much they can... But facts cannot be changed or manipulated....jitna try karenge manipulate karne ke liye utna hi strong hoke nikal ayenge facts...

Hahahaha yes sahi bola waise b srk fans toh underground hogye gain after back to back an atbbs jhms and raees and aamir fans barking only due to aamirs sheer script sense coz they know aamir never have had crowd pulling stamina like Salman and srk

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