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As we seen in leaked pictures &2 making videos akshay's role doesn't seem to be big, I think he has at max 20-30min role in the movie,rajni's screen time will be far more.
Do you think it will affect its business in North then by how much or do you think the makers are not revealing akshay's role.don't you think if his role is similar like Danny in 1st part for which they first approached amitabh then it will be a bad decision by him because all credit will go to rajni.it doesn't seem his role is big or makers are playing masterstroke
asked in General by Location Scout (3.9k points)
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Iam not saying his role is 20min but looking at making videos & stills iam asking what if it really turned out to be 20min role.
As per the reports movie is like modern day Ramayana where both akki and rajni will fight for Amy, love triangle.

The point is to not offend the fans of the superstar i.e. Rajini.

Akki wouldn't have signed if it was only 20-30mins role.

And it's a given that he plays a baddie & the franchise belongs to Rajini. Nobody can risk messing with Rajini fans or to put it simply, the majority of the audience this film is aimed at.

+1, agree to every point you mentioned

4 Answers

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Shankar doesn't like revealing too much about his films
I think they are trying to make audience curious about Akshay’s character
I dont think his role would be 20mins

answered by Casting Director (18.6k points)
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It doesnt matter if you take Akshay In or Out 2.0. Hardly ₹3-4cr benefit on Day one. Robot itself has a good appeal in North so mostly film will do the talking.

answered by Super-star (165k points)
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Akshay shot for 100 days for Robot.. His highest given time to any movie... So what do u think

answered by Second Unit Director (71.6k points)

As far as I know it's 80days not 100 .
It's story is like modern Ramayana both akki & rajni will fight for Amy according to reports so jyada bhi hosakta hai.

Well I read an interview Akki quoting that he has either shot 100 days or allocated 100 days.. I don't remember actually.. Robot seems huge and great film

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No matter how long the role is, Amitabh in Roti Kapda Aur Makaan and Andha Kanoon, SunnyDeol in Damini, Salman Khan in Kuch Kuch Hota Hain etc are liked by all

answered by Unit Manager (35.4k points)

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