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1. Newton (2017): 9/10 There is a scene in the film where tribesmen are forced to vote irrespective of their acknowledgment of stature of candidates and the tribesmen do as they're instructed to do by the army. The character Newton, played by Rajkumar, probably can be regarded as the most honest man on the earth, tries to stop the malign but eventually, even he has to bite the bullet. That particular whole sequence hit my mind badly. In fact, I became bit emotional thinking as a country where we're heading actually, even after 70 years of Independence. The kind of chaos that particular scene created in my mind has probably distorted my faith in the political and electoral system of the country, and it's not even that I had the strong belief in the system before. As one of the reviews of the film says that the film very aptly depicts why you can't take Indian Election seriously. And, you will know the weight of the statement if you watch the film.

Drishyam Film is among one of the very few production houses who doesn't compromise with the content and I love how they're upbringing Independent Cinema. Having watched all of their films, I can say that it's going to be Nation's big pride in coming years.

Well. Newton digs your funny bone and makes you think as well. It's one of the best films of the recent times and one of the best black comedy of all time from Bollywood. The subject is contemporary and intense but what makes the film a light entertainer is the witty dialogues and an intelligent direction by Amit. V Masukar. And, the chemistry between Rajkumar and Pankaj Tripathi is a fun-ride. Their performances are show-stellar. Lastly, I'll say that It's running in the theatres. Go!  Watch!

Strongly recommended.

2. Don 2 (2011): 5/10 Meh. Strictly average. Again lesser on substances and more relying upon stupid melodramas. The love love-angle between the cop, Priyanka Chopra, and the antagonist, Shah Rukh Khan is so irritating that even five stars look high for the film. And, sadly, I watch the film after watching Fate of the Furious, so Don 2 looks like a kid when it comes to action sequences. Unfortunately, The film didn't work-out for me.

3. The fate of the Furious (2017): 7/10 Okay. When I suppose to watch an action film, I'm like cut the crap just pass me some original and never seen before action sequences and I'll keep story and logic aside. And, the film does so. It has got some fantastic and gripping action-sequences and I loved that.

4. This is the End (2013): 8/10 This film is WOW. An apocalypse film can't be funnier anymore. Someone can say, "Dude! It's an apocalypse film, you are not supposed to laugh." But, hey! I guarantee you if you want some laugh riot amid some really really scary shit. Just spend 2 hours watching this film. You may have watched some zombie-apocalypse comedy films like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, but it's different from those. It's fresh and funnier than them.
asked in General by Assistant Director (50.9k points)
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It was even more hilarious when that guy says, "It's not compelling enough." I was like, seriously!


yeah I was so surprised that a major studio let a movie like this be made, and that audience embraced it quite well. a few years later Sony let the same team make Sausage Party, which was even crazier, and was also embraced by the audience.


Sausage Party is an animation film. Not a big fan of animation film. I watch very few and only selected animation film.


yeah, but what I'm saying is that audacity of that movie is amazing to see. and the audience rewards it.

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Jaan-E-Mann (5.5/10):

After many years I saw it. Not as good as I remember, but it is still quite entertaining, the acting is still good, the music is still solid, and there are genuine emotions here and there.

the issues are in the creepiness of the concept in general, which I of course didn't notice as a kid. Not only does Salman help Akshay become someone completely different to fool Preity, but both also have a camera set up in her home, and watch her whenever they want. Hilariously inappropriate. There is also the fact that Akshay ends up with someone who looks like Priety, but he still says that he only ever loved Priety. Again, creepy.

the other problem is with the way the movie is shot. the movie uses dutch angles A LOT for some reason. it got a distracting quite early in the movie.

About the acting. Salman is okay. There is that general way he speaks and movements that irritated me, but in the emotional scenes, he is good. And he is a riot in the costumes. Akshay is good throughout, one scene where he cries in front of the mirror is very well done. Priety does good work too. Anupam Kher is constantly laughing in one of his two roles for some reason.

Overall, a pretty decent movie with high entertainment value. I wonder what happened to the director after this movie.

answered by Unit Manager (33.9k points)
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Judwaa 2 - It was a decent one time watch. Didn't felt bored throughout the film.


answered by Director (132k points)
Name And Rate Movie You Watched (8th Oct - 14th Oct). Also Choose Movie Of The Week. Week 190.
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Blade Runner 2049 3D [2017] = 7/10 [A strong 7 indeed. Superb sequel.]

First Time Watch & Movie of the Week = Blade Runner 2049.

answered by Mega Star (246k points)

I didn't like the first one. There is any chances I can like the sequel? I had problem with its set-up. For me, it was so narrow and monotonous in nature.


Well treatment is same. But this one is perfect. Unlike the original, this doesn't require multiple cuts like theatrical cut, director's cut etc.

I was content with this coz it was to the point & looked really good.

If you didn't like the pace & treatment of the first one then I am not sure how much positively you'll accept this.

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Well, this was my rewatched week of Leonardo Dicaprio movies :

Titanic: 10/10

Best Hollywood movie I have ever watched. Experiencing the Titanic ship again in lights of romance, emotions and a historic love story. Absolutely brilliant film. From acting to direction, from start to the climax of emotions. It was all beautiful to watch.

Inception: 10/10

One of best movies I have seen in all time. I still couldn't believe that how Christopher made a brilliant movie much ahead of its time. It was fantastic to watch it again.

The Wolves Of The Wall Street: 8/10

Leonardo was brilliant as a broker and his acting was mind-blowing like he does in every of his movies. It was fun to watch it again.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
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Legion Season 1(2017) - 8/10

answered by Second Unit Director (78.7k points)

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