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I am not downgrading akshay. But the khans have huge huge following. Along with rajni sir, either of the khans, a festive release can make bahubali record history.
asked in Opinion by Producer (102k points)
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Salman/Aamir: 400cr.
SRK: 250cr.

answered by Unit Manager (33.2k points)
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Ill tell you. Dwarf movie if made well can do 280-300cr with SRK. With salman and aamir the same movie can do 380-400cr.

Aamir just fell a little short of 400cr with dangal without any masala. Admit it. SRK just cannot match now.


OK, I might agree if you have any valid proof of that..??

You must have any proof that Dwarf will do this much with this actor or that much with that actor..!!


"you need to know which is still highest GROSSER of Bollywood...check BOI".. .. @tb actually it's u who needs to check BOI.... Toilet is the highest grosser of India....

"look back at January & June".....yes we must look it... June's 1st day, 1st weekend and 1st week>>>>January's 1st day, 1st weekend and 1st week... Also u should look at June vs Aug..... June's weekend>>>>Aug lifetime. #Too Much Funn!


here thunder arguing like typical aunty or housewife with his husband with no reason....

+2 votes

With srk .........

200 cr rajni + srk 80 cr = 280 cr

With aamir

200cr + 200 cr = 400 cr

With Salman

200+ 250 cr= 450 cr...

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)

Do you think 200cr will come from North due to rajni whose highest grosser in Hindi version is 25cr, I agree in this case movie itself is bigger than rajni for North audience.
But you can't give credit of 200cr to rajni only even with akki movie's biggest strength will be the movie itself in North &rajni contribution 200 while srk 80 for Hindi.
Bro I know it's your opinion but I disagree with the 1st case.


Completely wrong..250 Cr in India ..
But srk doesn't fit these kind of roles,he is more better as don

+2 votes

Honestly without any bias iam going to give my opinion.
A 400cr movie directed by India's James Cameron starring any of the khans will be the biggest project than anybody can think of.it will be once in a lifetime experience for the audience.
According to me salman is slightly ahead of Aamir MATLAB 19-20 Ka fark due to salman's extraordinary hold in singlescreen & interrior then srk, due to salman's larger than life image in North similar to that of Rajni in south, salman is more loved in larger than life role than Aamir or srk.
So with Salman-rajni Hindi version on a festival 500-550cr
Aamir-rajni Hindi version on a festival 490-530cr
Srk-rajni Hindi version on a festival 350-390cr.(srk is not that small as people are pretending to be. in once in a lifetime Magnum Opus like 2.0 he will definitely deliver huge)

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)

ha ha ha ha you will get answer next Diwali
in terms of big grosser nobody can match amir at the moment,
his films trend better than anyone else just because of his acting

sor amir-rajni>salman-rajni>srk-rajni


No need to be get offended bro,I accept the fact that Aamir is ahead of salman in current standing, salman will get no1 position before toh,after toh again position will​ alter no1 position will keep alternating between salman & Aamir.
But here iam talking about another thing, salman is more accepted than Aamir in larger than life role & it's a fact.salman is a larger than life Superstar people loves to see him like that.salman in dhoom3 was a sure shot 300cr(all versions) grosser, but I don't think if salman was there in dangal it would have collected even 350cr in India.
A certain image is created by him,rajni will play a underdog,who is getting beaten, crying do you think it will be a hit even in tamilnadu because people can't accept him in this type of role same like salman.
To prove salman's SS domination
300cr grosser sultan grossed more than 387cr grosser dangal in singlescreen.
212cr grosser kick grossed more than 275cr grosser dhoom3.


roman bro u are sensible user I guess.
there is nothing called number 1 or number 2 things. these are bullshit.
only thing exists is difference of stardom.

it does not matter sultan collected 300cr or dangal collected 380cr, fact is today's benchmark of big stardom is 300cr+ films,
and both salman amir passed it so imo they are top most stars of bwodd.

and then there is massive difference between them and rest of the bollwod,

+1 vote

It's time we remove srk from khans or compare him with Aamir Nd Salman.
Even srk fans know what his capability is ..
He gets festive release dates ,yet could not have ability to make it a big grosser.
He is nodoubt huge in overseas,but never record breaker in indian market .

answered by Set Decorator (1.5k points)
0 votes

SRK : 300-330 cr
Aamir/Salman: 370-430 cr

Opening wise:


Lifetime assumption are based on positive WOM.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
0 votes

Rajni with srk +60cr
n with aamir salman 350cr..

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
–2 votes

We all know what's the problem of SRK. from couple of years he has given some of weakest film of his career. neither liked by critics, audience or even fans.
he has been shedding stardom with each movie but still he is one of biggest, almost all trade site considered him ahead Aamir, may be that changed couple of months ago. still boi doesn't change their opinion. from Ra 1 to jthj he has expensed his stardom a lot. still he is top star with continuous good opening instead worst case scenario. it's kingdom of stardom actually. how much he gained before 2010 is unimaginable.
coming to point about giving big grosser, CE was just average movie, somehow liked by audience and its straight headed for highest grosser of all time that too with six days of full capacity.
2.0 is others film, here's laziness of srk about script won't effect anything. he is part or not movie is still same with Aamir /Salman /him, because all three would get the same role, bigger than akshay is playing now.
BB2 did ginormous 500cr, don't say a Salman or Aamir could have add more, it did massive it could. it's already crossed the boundaries of potential. if a prabhas can do that without any Bollywood face, we should not really think about who's face from Aamir /Salman /srk.
after so many advantages and more than excellent wom Salman failed to give highest grosser of all time, it's just fate and eid, holidays played For him while contradictory for SRK.
it's foolishness adding here srk and saying he would do half of others
with SRK movie would do 450cr if good as 1st part. with Salman and Aamir 50cr less.

answered by Editor (87.6k points)

"after so many advantages and more than excellent wom Salman failed to give highest grosser of all time".... Why are you behaving like a plan stupid? Which advantages are you talking about? Bajrangi Bhaijaan faced monument Bahubali from day 1 itself. In 2nd week it faced highly critically acclaimed Masaan and in 3rd week onwards it faced Drishyam.. .. Still it bcm most watched movie of the decade and 2nd most watched movie of the century.. ... What's more you need???

And BTW, if ATG is the only criteria to judge stardom then Salman was the undisputed no1 of Bollywood till 2008 Cz among Khans only Salman had an ATG then.. ... Also 1 Aamir = 5 Srk (acc to ur ATG logic)...


"SRK movie would do 450cr if good as 1st part. with Salman and Aamir 50cr less.".... Hahaha. Besharmi ki hadd hoti hai... A Srk film will earn 50cr more than Salman/Aamir starrer! LMAO!!!!


here srk movies doin only 50cr in lifetime n srk fans saying it wil be 450cr with 50cr more than salman n aamir...


Hey sihan,
Check out the reviews of fan in this forum. 4 stars 5 stars lol and now u are calling it weakest hahaha

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