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Dangal record is in serious danger as SS is having parallel release in Turkey.

Aamir's stardom in Turkey is something else.He is 1-100 from India in Turkey just like in China.Even President of Turkey met him and so did some other ministers.

Atv was not able to have an interview with Aamir as his fans led to a traffic jam and didn't let him to go to news channel media house.News presenter admitted this himself.They finally had an interview later.Unparalleled hysteria.


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SS will surely be atg in Turkey, Aamir is on another level in China, Turkey, Hong Kong in terms of popularity compared to other indian actor.his competition is himself.
I don't think anyactor from India will ever become as popular as Aamir in these countries
He has find a place in chinnese & Turkey peoples heart which is very difficult recreate.
Toh opening in these countries will prove Aamir khan's popularity.
Those who said Aamir is all because of content in China, Turkey, Hong Kong will be proved wrong by Toh opening.
They have to understand even with extraordinary content one cannot create the magic what dangal did in nontraditional market like China without being loved because the highest grossing Indian​ movie (non Aamir) in China is 10cr which dangal crossed on opening day itself.
So i wish Aamir to recreate the magic of dangal with SS again in China, Turkey, Hong Kong & make India proud.soon there will be nonAamir highest grosser term will be used for Indian movies collection in these countries looking at Aamir's growing popularity.
So best of luck to all Aamir fans from a salman fan.

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Agree as so called good content fan bombed everywhere lol


Thanks.Need some more unbiased fans like u.Isn't non-Aamir highest grosser term already valid for these countries.It was almost valid when PK happened and now with Dangal it's a foregone conclusion.


I Agree,non-Aamir highest grosser verdict is already valid

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Proud to be an Aamirian. India is recognized in turkey as Aamir Khan's country.

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SS will surely break Dangal records in Turkey. His fan following in Turkey and China is on another level.

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Plus Aamir promoted SS there as well.Opening shld be historic in Turkey for sure.

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When is SS releasing in china?

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No date has been fixed till now.Opening Records cld have been shattered if it was a parallel release.

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Aamir is truly a global megastar now. For 15 years or so SRK was the undisputed king of overseas but now aamir has not just challenged but beaten him by some distance. Ww collections of ss will be double or triple of g4.

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+1 from me Tiger bro completely agree with you. srk & salman were neck to neck till 2000.
After that srk dominated overseas singlehandedly till 2009


Shukriya @roman... Aapko bhi mere taraf se +1


2009 onwards it's Aamir Show in Overseas.


Not denying...

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