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@riz bhaijaan
As we all know in India Eid can have only one holiday... Aapke state pe Sultan ke first day ko holiday tha ya 2nd day ko?

Govt official declared Holiday on wednesday. Advance started and it was huge. Then 2 days ago they declared Thursday. But till then advance was done....

Not just Hyd but all india it was confusion... Thats why Sultan did same as 36 on 2nd day too....

So it was a non holiday I nizam.... Then why did u mention it was as holiday? Advance booking was hardly 15-20%...but at same time it was a pre Eid day....Doesn't the pre Eid factor neutralize the advance booking?

BTW, Sultan's buzz was such a high that it collected 32.5cr on its 3rd day and 38cr on its 4th day (non holiday)... Don't you it would have been a record opener even if it had released on a normal Friday?

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No doubt SRK is biggest star there, see the difference between HNY and PRDP, both released same day, in fact PRDP a year later.

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Source plz! Jahatak mujhe malum hai in Nizam, ETT first day day>>>fan and Raees first day....

BTW, Top 10 first day (all India)....
Salman - 4
Srk - 2

No in Nizam it was this ETT

And BOI increased 1 crore in CE at present./

Okay got it...

Now come to ur main point (the list)... All these circuits have huge Muslim population...and in the recent past most of the Salman films have released on Ramzan. Don't you think that's why movies like Kick, BB, Tubelight etc aren't in top 10??!

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