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Chef has taken the lowest opening of the year if we take into account all the films which have cost more than 15 crore including promotion costs. The film was not expected to open well as trailers and the storytelling looked a disaster but still you would expect it can reach 1.50-1.75 crore nett but that is a huge task going by collections till 3pm. Last week we saw how good things can be when the right cinema is delivered to the audience and this week the Chef opening day number will probably show how bad things can be when wrong cinema is made. Actually its not correct to say wrong cinema but a better way to put it is past its sell by date cinema. The lowest openings  of the year for films costing above 15 crore date are as follows. This does not mean the first day number will go in the following order but its lowest occupancy till 3pm on the opening day.

1. Chef

2. Noor

3. Guest in London

4. Daddy

5. Bank Chor


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Its a huge shift in how films are being made. Indian stuff sells. Indian stories find a connect, european cinema does not.

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European cinema mostly sells in youtube comments and social media who think they are far superior to those who watch Salman and Varun films and made them big in box office. Unfortunately most youngster and even an actor like Ranbir fell into this trap. Only Varun is going the right way. They also reach to wide variety of english audience which we call metro audience. But one thing is sure if european cinema is being made the WOM is need to be extra ordinary otherwise film has no chance at the BO to survive. Example is above movie collection. It is dismal for a hero like Saif who started his career in 90's.


True bro. A guy like salman khan has pan India appeal....none of these newbies like ranbir etc can have it because of their love for western stuff. Same goes for aamir....makes films for the heartland of our country.....even when he did a d3, he included family/brotherly emotions. No wonder the khans are where they are.


Ranbir still has some chances to recover what he had done with his movie career in last 3-4 years. If Varun decides to go for pan India film not metro film & with age on his side he has definitely have very bright chance to become a superstar. & yes I absolutely agree with you, no one can match Khans. BKB and SMS were successful movies but did they really boosted the career of Ayushman like 2 hits in a span of 2 months does, absolutely no because they are successful but at very low level. See Varun 2 hits in a year and his career is at his best phase right now. That's what pan India audience does to your career (take your career to big heights) when you make films for them.

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I predicted 1cr opening for chef , looks like it gonna be true

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

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