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Don't you think Farhan Akhtar has done injustice to his Directing talent by trying hand at Acting and Singing.

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His First 2 Movies are really great. Don and Don 2 are good also. But his involvement in front of screen has ruined the man he is behind the camera.
asked Oct 5 in Actors by Greek God Executive Producer (68,978 points)
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You didn't like Dil Chahta Hai? It wad his first movie. Don and Don 2 came later. I didn't like Don 2 though.

First 2 means DCH and Lakshaya. Loved both. Very interesting storytelling.

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Yes, definitely. I also don't like how whenever he talks about directing another movie, it is always about Don 3. I want him to direct an original film.

answered Oct 5 by mr.hola Unit Manager (30,661 points)

He should sit with Javed saab and Zoya to put up a good story. He is far better director than actor. And his films are not doing well. He should concentrate on making movies now.

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