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Judwaa 2 may possibly emerge the biggest HIT of the Hindi film industry this year till date but when it was released on Friday it was called a leave your brains at home film. This has been said for many Hindi films since ages by the media but its the people who say this who have some problem in the brain. The fact is there is no such thing as the audience leaving their brains behind but these reviewers and commentators think the audience does this which allows certain films that they dont like to work. A film may be relatable and more realistic or their maybe a film which has many illogical scenes and take many cinematic liberties but the audience watches both type of films in the same way and that is with the brain. Both sort of films need conviction and only when that is there will the audience connect with what is being shown on screen because if the makers dont believe then there is no way you can fool the public to believe.   

When a film works it basically connects with audience and it is the brain that tells someone watching the film whether it has connected or not. Judwaa 2 maybe a comedy but there will be some touching and emotional moments which would have connected with the audience and make it a complete film for them. These writers may think its frivolous film but the paying public does not see it that way. These sort of films can be made and may not connect also, and when they dont work its also because the person who come to watch has come with his or her brain and that brain has told them the film has not connected.

There is this thing called critical appreciation and the only people who talk about this are actually the reviewers or media because they are the critics so you are not going to bad mouth yourself are you. Its like awards are being badmouthed and rightly so but these reviewers are also just as bad or worse, the difference being it does not come out as reviews are done by people in the media. Basically when you here a commentator talking about critical appreciation all he or she is doing is trying to give themselves and their ilk some importance as its quite likely he / she will be a reviewer / critic.

Now coming to importance it does give them a boost to write crap because some industry people come out and say we or our film got critical appreciation but when a film has tanked then one is looking at any positives even if they are not really there. You can come out to the media and do this but within the industry you cant say we got critical appreciation because that critic word is replaced by a similar Hindi cuss word which also begins with C and also has a T, but ends with an A rather than a C and when one knows the other will see it as this type of appreciation and they cant boast about it. This is just to pont that when you here critical appreciation next time by a commentator / reviewer you know what it actually means. 

So coming back to the point when these sort of weird comments are made like leave you brains behind it could lead to maybe 1 or 2 lk or even more people not coming to the theatres, now for a Judwaa 2 that works out to be 1 or 2 crore nett apprx and in the scheme of things thats not a lot and it makes little difference to its status but however little, the film has lost some audience and some revenue at a time when the industry needs all the revenue it can get. And why has this happened because some people do not know what they are talking about.

There are two more points the first is that we get emails about who review properly as netizens think there are two types of reviewers, one the general media and secondly the trade types. Its the same thing, a reviewer is a reviewer, there are no qualifications needed like you need to be a doctor or lawyer and if you floped as writer, producer or even actor then you go to reviewer. Though with google today it all it takes is one search and the credibilty becomes zero.

Secondly this site does not have reviews at the moment as its about completing project box office over the next year or two. But then there is likely to be reviews and other information outside box office here as that will probably be the need of the time but that will not the change the facts witten above, all it will change is you become the part of the circus as well and you also have to hide the real facts.


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You can come out to the media and do this but within the industry you cant say we got critical appreciation because that critic word is replaced by a similar Hindi cuss word which also begins with C and also has a T, but ends with an A rather than a C and when one knows the other will see it as this type of appreciation and they cant boast about it


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"critic word is replaced by a similar Hindi cuss word which also begins with C and also has a T, but ends with an A rather than a C"

OMG straight up savage by BOI, my stomach is aching due to laughter now
And in other words, the leave your brains out stuff, i don't want to divulge in much depth but one thing about these illogical scenes is that how past heroes made them believable

For example, when Govinda used to make a made up story like in KMJNB, HMJ, Hero no 1, coolie no 1, DM etc, he used to make it believable, and see now, in Judwaa 2 Varun used to say such stories many times in the movie but not even one time it seemed remotely believable, so it's not just leave your braims oit stuff, it's about the general talent & creativity which has regressed upon time.

Comedies were silly back then too and now they sre silly too, but the difference is that back then we had actors who used to make this sillyness as believable but now that talent is gone and that's why very few current comedies live up to past level..!!

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Bhai when we watched Govinda's movies we were of a different age than now. I am sure people younger than us find Varun's stories believable.

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BOI has surely left their brain at home while writing this article.....

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If a reviewer is a friend of a star then he will not put him down in his writing.Also if you have a certain grudge or bias against someone then you will never give him/her favourable reviews. As a Salman fan for the longest years I have noticed one thing that an actor has to show some commitment towards agressively making some noise about his person and parts beyond just letting the impact of his movies do the talking (Salman after Wanted) ,then the relative harshness will go and at least he got appreciated for his stardom and gave sleepless nights to competitors and his PRs.

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Horribly written article. They have a point with what they are trying to say but the commentary is bad....to say the least.

answered by Producer (102k points)
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I got what they want to say, basically this needs to happen because you cannot bring hollywood into bollywood and those who made hollywood type of movie with big budget have failed except 2 or 3. Don 2 was a successful movie but if it was made for target audience in massy style not the hollywood style then it could've easily challenged Bodyguard for HGOTY because it had chrismas solo release. Hollywood type films can be made but in lower budget to have any chance of profit ( like BKB,SMS). Judwaa 2 have lost some money because those who first read reviews would've not found it worthy enough of a ticket but in actual there is a different story.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
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WHAT!!!lll This Article is written by BOI!!!!
Utha Le Re Baba...Utha Le!!...

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good point they are making, but it could be put in a better way

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