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its been 5 years .. you have forgotten ... how the teaser/ trailer takes the buzz to a whole new level.....last time you saw that with ETT..... this time you will see that again with TZH....

trade sites .... social media.... online forums will witness the arrival of TIGER.... words are gonna fall short of its magnanimity

predictions like

40cr , 45cr, 50cr day 1 on non holiday ... will be thrown..... on the face of those who said salman khan's star power is in doubt after tubelight.
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8 Answers

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Tiger will collect its share and more to compensate for Tubelight's underperformance

by Editor (80.6k points)
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+7 votes

Yes tiger will create buzz and hype like its prequel and everybody will drop their guns to witness hysteria created by Megastar On teaser day itself , YouTube view record will be trashed and haters will try to hide in their moles and will say secretly to each other "Oh yaar what a teaser its mean Tiger abi Zinda tha bag lo"

by Production Accountant (26.7k points)
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Kuch logon ki bohat JAL rahi hai Tiger se

+4 votes

Forget about our favorite stars.. we need one theatre experience (bollywood) this year in which we can experience the feeling of euphoria.. May it be in the form of TZH..

by Production Accountant (28.9k points)

ha ha ha ha your fav is now in a position to chase collection of salman and amir movies collection for the rest of his career,

+4 votes

Indeed. ETT teaser created unimaginable hysteria 5 years back. This movie will go one step further. His star power was never in doubt at all. Bollywood needs a big grosser, lets hope TZH ends 2017 on a high.

by Star (156k points)
+4 votes

Tiger Zinda Hai

4 Day Back To Back 40 cr+

by Location Manager (7.9k points)

ha ha ha good joke if tzh 4 day back to back 40cr+
then toh will be 5 day back to back 50cr +
agree or not?

+3 votes

Tzh is not even having 10% buzz of ett prior to 2 n half month of release... ett teaser released on may 10 thats nearly 3 month before release n it had huge buzz n poster releasd in jan nearly 8 month before... from poster itself ett raised then teaser took in to another level..
here tzh buzz is nothin compared to ett even after it havin sequel factor.... i doubt majority people in interior dnt know abt movie named tzh wch is ett sequel comin... ett2 would have better tittle for easy buzz...... only high octane teaser can make it huge buzz otherwise its buzz is nothin seriously nothin compare to ett

by Unit Manager (33k points)
–4 votes

Buzz to the new level. Are u kidding me?. ETT failed to cross almost 3 years old 3 idiots. Talk about buzz there.

More commercial sultan was thrashed by Dangal amidst Demonetization without any extra holiday.

by Second Unit Director (78.5k points)

Buzz and hype help first day (and weekend to some extent) business...Rest depends upon wom/content. Itni si baat nhi malum?

Aamir yet to cross Salman's debut film's ff... So acc to ur logic MPK buzz>>>all the Aamir films buzz, till date.... Hahaha.


Kashayp that same year talash did not cross 100 cr...

You talking about ett it only movie after 3 idiots which cross 150 cr barrier

and did 185 cr....


Talaash was a niche movie , not out and out commercial, anyway i don't want to fight with u power. I'm sorry if my comments hurt u as u are also an aamir fan


It's OK bro.....i don't mind whatever you say....

–6 votes

first of all , dhoom 3 had more buzz than ett,
second ghajini had the biggest buzz upon release,

third , tzh will not cross even 32cr on its first day and you are dreaming of 50cr, that's bullshit expectation.

fourth , tubelight had the most buzz before trailer release but after thanda teaser buzz came down drastically,

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Vectus u have bet with me that tzh won't cross 30cr on opening day so be ready to face results and be ready to leave this forum


yes my bet is on, but now I have increased the upper limit, that is it won't cross 33cr


Hahahahahaha no stay with your words 30cr but if u have increased upper limit to 33cr then its OK my bet is still on it will do 35+ u just wait and watch


ok , if it not cross 35cr u have to leave the forum.

now get ready to leave the forum as its not easy to cross 35cr that too on non holiday


OK done I will leave this forum but if I won u will leave this forum forever and ever to never back with fake accounts


Bohat JAL rahi hai logo ki tiger se Allah khair kray unki


Lol... Kuch din pehle tak toh tera prediction less than 25cr tha... Ab 32cr pe aa gaya.. Itna zaldi colour kaise change kar lete ho yaar


25cr to padmavati hi kar legi, to tzh k liye thoda Jaida hoga

prediction increased due to sudden acceptance of masala genre like judwa 2

yes masala is back and its not going anywhere,


25 padma kr legi? Tujay salam krnay ko dil chahta hai but tu kal b tiger ko underestimate kr raha that aur aaj b it will go 35+ for sure now stay with your words coz bet is on


famous trade analyst sumit kadel said Padma will open above 25cr,

35cr for tiger is possible but to expect 40cr like nova is idiotic


Hahaha hahahahahaha Jo summit kadel ko famous trade analyst manta ho aur Usk tweets retweet krta ho uska Allah hi Hafiz hai lga reh bhai we will take on 23 December


bro , I don't believe in these chu sites like boi or chindi,who have no identity, nobody knows who runs these sites
I believe in real peoples like krk, taran, komal, sumit, rohit jaiswal what they say I blindly believe because they are real peoples on twitter,


One month ago 25cr on first day wad impossible for TZH... Now 35cr looks possible for you... Yaar @vectus, colour change karne me PhD kar rakha hai kya?


Ek hi ans main itni sari galat baate
Bhai sab clear ho jayega 23dec ko jab first day collections aayenge tab toh ap foroum pe najar bhi nhi aaoge kahu muh chipa ke bethe hoge


jst leaving a comment that when anybody comes back here after 23dec to troll another person, i will also get notification ....apna kya hai, apnay ko to sirf loser nikalta dekhna h


Iam also waiting for 23dec


badshah jaise looser badshah niklata right after every srk movie except ce... n recent wala jhms 100cr min.


Didn't have bet with anybody....didn't laugh at G.One like u did when he said Bhai Ho will collect 20cr......n before JHMS it was Raees.....i predicted 3ven saying i will leave forum if.....tera short term memory loss chalta h??


badshah roh mat ansu pochle pagle... nahi chidaunga tujhe......

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