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Tiger zinda hai
asked in General by Production Accountant (21.5k points)
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Khud ke poll me khud hi vote karte ho


@Tiger ... Haan khud ke polls mein vote karna allowed hai.


I know that... I actually meant that he's indirectly asking others to vote for TZH.


padmavati.....easy choice as of now

6 Answers

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Padmavati easily..!!

TZH is easy i huge opener, even if content faulters, it'll do more then enough in weekend for big total..!!

2.0 is safest choice, even if north faulters, south is sure to be huge..!!

answered by Super-star (199k points)
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Gut feeling says padmavati. I want it to succeed but somehow getting the vibe it wont do a BM like success story.

answered by Producer (102k points)
+1 vote

Voted for 2.0.
I think padmavati will be a decent movie ( not​ exceptional or very good) and will do 150cr
below average​ or flop.i don't see it as a success story like BM, but don't think it will be a big failure, average or below average at max.it was always going to do 150cr business with good wom unless it will get excellent wom it will not cross that mark.
Tzh has Christmas period,4 open weeks so i think it is safe.
2.0-hindi rights sold for 80cr, needs 160cr to just breakeven.if padmavati &tzh works huge then 2.0 will find it hard, there is a clash also by aiyyari so according to me 2.0 is more risky.
2.0>padmavati>>>>tzh in this order.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
+1 vote

two of the biggest blockbusters of modern era released within 7 days... bajrangi bhaijaan and baahubali.... !! meaning its not a rule of nature that one has to underperform....
its not like oxygen ratio will be reduced from earth atmosphere ....unless one out of these three will have to underperform. ITS A GF rule which starts and ends with GF.

good projects attract audience... taking audience from granted does not ..thats the rule.... as simple as that....

padmavati will open with 80cr weekend (lifetime 190cr-200cr)
tzh will open with 130cr weekend (lifetime 450cr-500cr)
and 2.0 will open with 200cr weekend (500cr-600cr)

these movies DO NOT DEPEND ON WOM....
because these movies have some other U.S.Ps

and its the unprecedented scale.... which people have ALMOST NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

WOM based movies are different .... these are not WOM based movies (although good WOM is added advantage).... may be to some extent Padmavati. but thats only because it will be dark and family audience DO NOT LIKE DARK MOVIES. but that will be adjusted from only high end multiplex business among youth.

YOU MAKE SOMETHING WHICH NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN BEFORE .. (good or bad doesn't matter) .... it will be lapped up by audience in a big way...
and that does not mean like what srk said during fan ... that this movie has NEVER SEEN BEFORE VISUAL EFFECTS.... that was a crap statement because everyone has seen a young guy on screen (gaurav was a young guy thats all) ... never seen before means like what baahubali had ....(a fantasy world created ...) that was never seen before... although movies both of them were extremely average..... but result is totally different.... !!

answered by Star (145k points)

Bhaiya, day dreaming can be injurious to your health

tzh 450-500cr
dimag sahi hai ki nahi?

sultan ko hi cross kar le wahi bahoot badi baat hogi.
seeing sallu aukad at bo I think maximum it can go will be bajrangi range,

listen bro , only good or great films + stardom combo earn huge at the bo

now a days , both salman , amir make some great films , so they are killing the bo,

300-350cr is the criteria of good-great films these days,

and srk make gutter films so his collection is also gutter level, 120-135cr range,

450cr-500cr can not be earned today even if you release sholay or hahk kind of movies , business pattern has changed ,

bb2 was a fluke also it has katappa factor so earned 510cr

0 votes

Voted for Padmavati

It has a very budget which I feel is the biggest negative factor about the film. It can underperform big time if the content will not be accepted by the audience.

answered by Location Manager (5.2k points)
0 votes

Bhai so called godfather u must ask directly to your mates plz do vote against TZH coz u desperately want TZH to underperform but this time it won't happen coz judwaa 2 is a big proof that audience will come and watch masala movies anyways

answered by Production Accountant (22.2k points)

I agree