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1.Don't plagarize the content of your review. 

2.It's not necessary to post a long review. Short ones are welcome as well. 

3.Rate the film(preferably out of 10) 

4.Try keeping the review spoiler proof. If your review contains any spoiler, please warn regarding that in the start of the review. 

5.Entries violating the above rule will be trimmed or hidden, depending on case. Try mentioning the day and time, when you watched the film. If possible mention the occupancy of hall also.
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A good movie family entertainer released on right weekend and got all of the fame that the movie deserved. Varun is absolutely entertaining throughout the movie. There wasn't a single part where i felt bore. That's what industry and we needed, a family entertainer which can entertain us. 1st half is good but 2nd half is more entertaining

I am seeing lots of hatred for Varun be in Facebook or Twitter like these guys saying that he is work of nepotism and overacting become common word for him in social media. I just don't get their hypocrisy. Now let me tell these guys nepotism works only for first movie or lets say 2nd movie, but no way a bad actor can reach to this height. Dont know what they expect that he will do Badlapur type of acting in a comedy movie. There are some who appreciate Siddarth that he do experiment films (and I was like Rofl what kind of experiments films he have done like A Gentleman or BBD) and say Varun is crap actor. Overall I will recommend you to watch you the movie & give yourself a entertainment in the big screen.
& yeah dont expect logic in this movie for logic there are plenty of other movies out there.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Occupancy : Housefull (100%)

by Location Manager (6.2k points)
+1 vote

Well looks like many newborn Varun Dhawan fans have not bothered to watch the movie or atleast not bothered to write about it, let me do the honours, now obviously i wasn't going to watch it but yesterday was 1st October and i had to spend my time somewhere along with my friends so i decided to give it a go..!!

Now 2 things, first, Judwaa 2 is a silly movie, it has silly characters doing silly things coupled with total lack of logic and sense, and 2nd thing - it's not as bad as i thought, atleast it's better then varun's earlier cringe fest BKD, infact much better..!!

Judwaa 2 can be called as comedy movie as it's makers claim it to be, and the comedy part of it is based on silliness of situations and goofiness of characters, and also that first movie's situations were funny enough that a scene to scene remake was bound to work, had David Dhawan tried to do anything other then scene to scene remake then it might have faltered, so sometimes cut, copy, paste technique works, but the problem with this sillyness is that while some of it works as it's a staple of comedy movies, some of it goes overboard and makes you ask..........Really..??

Performance wise Varun is noway near to Salman (surprise, surprise) but again better then BKD (no surprise) but as i said, more then acting, dialogues, it's the scenes & situations that makes people laugh, in fact only actor whose dialogues managed to make people laugh in theatre was Rajpal Yadav who i must say was good choice to replace shakti kapoor's character, atleast from what choices were available, but you can say that cast from main lead to supporting were mostly much lower then original which isn't really a surprise..!!

While songs are nothing to say about much, best of lot is Oonchi hai building, because it was original version and i wish they should've used original version of Tan Tan Tara too

Salman's cameo was out of place and was wierd seeing him in his TZH look, should've been bit closer to original but i guess timing issues

So Judwaa 2 is a passable comedy movie which doesn't goes to touch it's original in terms of Content, performances & comedy but still was good enough to convince 2 girls walking after the show that it was better then original (no seriously, they said that), but it is decent way to pass 2.5 hours in theatre if you have nothing to do in time of holiday, and while it is doing excellent in holidays, i doubt it'll do much after holiday period is over but it has already done enough in 4 days period..!!

Rating - 5/10
(Temporary - might increase or decrease after some while)

Verdict - How the hell was there no outrage over ganpati song, imagine a Khan movie having that song..??

by Mega Star (211k points)

Bcoz varun won't be able to provide the media coverage khans do
BKD was cring fest absolutely right bro
Plus coming to girls they don't know a thing about cinema
and acting

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