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Finally confusion is clear now about Jacqueline's character in Race 3 and that is not any  love interest of Salman khan but she will play the character of lady cop which was earlier played by Anil kapoor in previous two parts , that indicates there will be another big heroine in Race to play love interest of Salman khan and that must not be daisy shah it should be one of the top actresses.
There is some other piece of news about Race 3 that sooraj won't be the part of Race 3 coz he cleared all the air himself so now its up to ramesh taurani who he will cast for 2nd lead now , let's hope for the best
Source Link: salmankhanholics.com
in Movies by Production Accountant (24.9k points)
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7 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

No matter. The lesser the star powers of the cast, the bigger will be credit to Salman

by Assistant Director (59.9k points)
selected by
+2 votes

it is not a serious movie .. it is not a content driven movie... it is a most probably be a masala movie .(after salman khan entered this franchise it is gonna be converted from multiplex thriller ...to masala movie..). meaning the correct .... entertainment movie.... big scale , high production values with biggest action star in the country .... will remain its USP.

these roles of side actors in race 3..... are good or bad ..... are only for those to judge who are looking for a bajrangi bhaijaan details... in RACE 3.
for regular usual layman ......they won't matter.

Race 3 will be first week heavy movie...

240cr week 1 and lifetime around 310cr-320cr. this whole thing .... is only and only dependent on star power of salman khan in right movie.... these extra characters are only there to fulfill characters list in the script..... the entire screenplay will only be about salman khan's character.... !!

P.S. salman khan is sure to extract 200cr or close to it from this movie as his earnings.... if movie does 300cr. in domestic and 20mil overseas.

P.S. 2 .... this movie might not be a made... salman khan is in double mind.... so everything.... which is being speculated about the movie... might remain mere speculation.

by Star (152k points)
+1 vote

Kaise din aa gaye hain Bollywood me, Now Jacqueline will replace Anil Kapoor

by Mega Star (211k points)
0 votes

From gold digger in Race 2 to Lady cop in Race 3 and that too in a foriegn country ..this is called women empowerment .

by Director (123k points)
0 votes

I can guarantee that there will be jokes in the movie about how no one ever takes her seriously as a cop because of her looks.

by Assistant Director (46.6k points)
0 votes

Very bad decision.... Movie definitely needs a powerful cop(like 1 & 2) powerful certainly doesn't mean Dabbang type... Expressionless cop....

by Second Unit Director (74.5k points)

''powerful certainly doesn't mean Dabbang type... Expressionless cop'' .....bhai u got downvote for this thing....lol.........u found Salman as expressionless???seriously??


No no I didn't say Bhai as expressionless. I mean Jacqueline as expressionless.. Bhai has played one of the most iconic cops in Bwood

0 votes

Mahn ... being_tanveer I expected a tight fit police uniform jaqualine PIC here ..

by Assistant Director (56.9k points)

Hahahahaha Jacqueline did not play a cop yet thats y no pic here to show up

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