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As we know Salman khan is the ultimate as far as opening of the movies is concerned and this will be proven again with TZH opening once again and those haters who are thinking Salman is finished after tubelight they will c their faces on 22 December and will witness near record breaking opening on normal day ,some fans here have doubts over Salman khans superstardom they will hide in their bills right after Tzh releases.
Now come to the point as we know Tiger will take record breaking opening on 22 December while Race 3 on the other hand will also be releasing on exact Eid day and last but not least thugs will also be very huge as far as opening is concerned rest we all know its all about content which matters.
My prediction for bigger weekend among these three movies goes as
Tzh - 120+
Race 3 -125+
Now plz post your honest predictions for all these three movies
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Race 3 > TZH > TOH

Race 3

opening day 55cr
day two.... 52cr
day three .... 53cr

weekend = 160cr


opening day 45cr
day two 43cr
day three 50cr

weekend = 138cr

TOH.... going by the current release date

if released on diwali day

opening day 23cr
day two.... 47cr
day three.... 35cr

weekend = 105cr

if released next day of diwali

opening day 50cr
day two ..... 37cr
day three ..... 30cr

weekend = 117cr

but movie will not release before 2019.....

it will most probably be a non holiday release ..... in early 2019...march-april.

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None of them..!!

The biggest weekend of all time will belong to legendary once in a lifetime disaster star.....oops, i mean once in a lifetime legendary ultrastar Ranbir "The Face Maker" Kapoor

His immense dedication which is 1000 times more then Christian Bale, his acting talent which is 100 times more then Daniel day lewis & Robert de niro combined, and his superstardom which is more then brandpower of MCU & STAR WARS combined will create the buzz that was never seen before and won't be seen ever.

The hysteria will never be matched

Day 1 = 210 crs
Day 2 = humongous jump = 392 crs
Day 3 = Sunday is out of milky way galaxy = 998 crs

Total weekend = 1600 crs

With power of WOM = Lifetime >> Avatar

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Looks like we jinxed ranbir a bit too much, we helped him give hgtoty


Well we can say that Sanju still couldn't do more than Avatar, so that's a good thing.

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Tzh - 115cr+
Race 3 -130cr+

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Really 140+ for thugs ?


Yes 1st 2days 100cr and 1st day 40cr ....so my prediction 140cr+.....


Bhai u are predicting too high only one day will be 45cr and that would be after diwali day



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Again underestimating Aamir............ Wait and watch

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Without Open Week and Christmas weekdays
Kuch To Fark Zaroor Padega


Yes just like Dabaang 2.....


Dangal both 25th and 1st jan came on Sunday.......


With open weeks and Eid, Salman gave disaster called Tubelight

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Tiger zinda hai-buzz will​be never seen before,my prediction
1st day-41cr on nonholiday
2nd day-42cr on Saturday
3rd day-44cr on Sunday (next day Christmas)
Weekend-127cr nett
You All are underestimating tzh potential, wait for 22december.
Race3-movie is huge but Remo's addition will be a negative point
1st day-47+cr on Eid day
2nd day-43cr on post Eid Saturday
3rd day-44cr on Sunday
Weekend-134cr+ nett
Thugs-india's pirates movie is huge, ticket price will be all time highest, will release on post diwali day
1st day-47+Cr on post diwali day Thursday
2nd day-41cr Friday
3rd day-45cr on Saturday
Weekend-133cr+ nett

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TZH opening Day: 36cr
TZH opening Weekend: 108cr

Race 3 Opening Day: 40cr
Race Opening Weekend: 115cr

TOH opening day: 43cr
TOH opening weekend: 116cr.

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Tiger Zinda Hain..

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Race 3 135cr +
TOH 110 cr+

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Dangal Review Extraordinary Positive
BoxOffice Collection anything Possible
Baahubali 2 and Tubelight
My Estimate
TOH Mixed Review
Lifetime 220 cr
If Same Equation Like Dangal PK
Ek Baar Phir Bol Raha Hoo
BoxOffice collection Anything Possible


Tube light review negative hee kya jho 20cr kia hee????


Dangal - Non commercial + Very good Reviews
ToH - Full commercial + Mixed reviews

Ghajini also had mixed review, but still it gave record opening, same is going to be case with ToH.


Reviews has nothing to do with opening day.. Dabang, Bodyguard, ETT etc all got negative reviews still they were record openers.

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Very tough call, for 2017 tzh will be way ahead of any other film. For 2018, since youre talking weekend, toh will edge out race 3.....by a slight margin.

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How toh will edge past Race3 on weekend? Race will have best release in 2018 coz movie will be releasing on Eid day and eid will fall either on Thursday or Friday so Race will have edge over tiger and thugs


No release date can help if content is not there. Toh is certain to have way way better content than race.


No one can guaranteed good content all the time that we have witnessed with tubelight ,dhobi ghaat, talaash etc so don't underestimate others and overestimate aamir khan all the time he can also go wrong ,I would say box office is totally unpredictable Race 3 can also edge past thugs in opening and content ,no one was willing to admit Ali and sultan a good one but c the results that's y I am saying Remo and race 3 can also surprise like never before and thugs will shock u never know

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Looks like all predictions given on this thread will be wrong

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How was the film thugs?


I've come to my small hometown in Rajasthan, we don't have any theatre here.

Will watch it once I'm back in Bangalore, only after next week.

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toh weekend=165cr+
race3 weekend=85cr+
tzh weekend=89cr+

all in all amir>salman

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ok 1st sorry to say Gadha .....BTW why
Tubelight 20cr opening ???Salman khan ki star power?And Dangal opening 29cr Aamir khan ki Star power........Bhai even you know Sultan semi holiday release thats reason 36cr opening and 106cr weekend if release non holiday like Dangal than callection same as dangal......


Ab sorry se kya hoga bhaijaan...dil me jo respect tha wo toh raha nhi.

BTW, come to point. I guess Tubelight isn't the only Salman film. Sultan, PRDP, BB, Kick etc all released in the recent years. Yes Sultan's first day was semi holiday but at the same time it was the day before Eid day. A section of audience didn't watch the film on its first day. So it was like a normal Friday release. And Sultan collected huge 37cr nett on its 4th day, which was a complete non holiday. Isn't it a clear indication that it would have collected the same on its first day (without partial holiday+pre Eid)???


A section of audience didn't watch the film on its first day???Only Muslim area not al people most of young Salman fan sure watch 1st day first show.....and before eid day???that means Night show Huge...isn't it??


Do you really think one will go for an outing after the long day fast that too to watch a film??? Those who stay in the nearby area of cinema unka baat alag hai.

Nope... Even a diehard Salman fan do not watch the film in first day first show, generally. there are TWO reasons for it... 1. Those are having fast do not watch films in Ramzan mostly. 2. They plan to enjoy the film on Eid day/day after Eid with their friends or families. Well, being a Muslim you should know these things.

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