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Q. Buzz for Simran? Has Kangana’s “promotions” worked?

A. She has opted for quite possibly the most shameless form of film promotion in recent times. She has also used the media pretty well, but the audience is not dumb. They’ll come to theatres only if the film is worth a watch in theatres. However, if the film was good indeed good, Kangana probably would’ve have needed this sort of promotion.
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in General by Assistant Director (45.2k points)
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She is using feminism for her gain.doing ronadhona on
National television against a superstar for publicity.
Who had relations with 4married person is crying fault,
Definitely she is also not saint.just because a man is silent
It doesn't mean you will use him.if hritik would have made
Any comment these feminists would have ripped him apart
"Iam using my own money he is using his father's money,he is a Papa's boy"
Come on yaar his one year salary is more than your 5years salary.
"After Queen I became a star, after twmr I became superstar"
"I am a 3times national award winner, I had broken all boxoffice records"
Aise arrogant ko Bollywood mein lata kaun hai.definately hritik is not
Saint but kangana is also culprit,she is behaving like a victim which she is not?
Just want to see if simran could cross 5cr or not despite doing
This shameless act on national television.

by Unit Manager (32.1k points)
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Agree bro. +1 to every point. Main thing is if a woman says something everyone sympathises with her

+5 votes

C'mon Indicine, surely Rakesh Roshan isn't paying you extra bucks that you're saying this....... Or is he..?? Well honestly i can't tell cause he clearly uses KRK, maybe he has also recruited you in his online troll avengers initiative..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)

So a new favourite for lord tb. Srk, abd and now kangana. Whos next?


I'm not pro Kangana, I'm anti Rakesh Roshan


I know rr is hardly likeable but aisa bhi kya yaar? Kaun sa clash kar diya k4ko dwarf ke saath?


Well he off course wanted that, tried to play victim card, i know srk was also at mistake but not that much as RR was trying, then manipulation to the core and then liking KRK tweets about JHMS being Disaster and then again tried K4 stuff but off course he didn't have time otherwise he would've done it..!!

Are these not good enough reasons..?? And still i troll him, not abuse him..!!

0 votes

She used feminism for her own good. But this move has backfired. No body wants to associate with her now.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)
0 votes

Indicine is a bikau site.They can't tolerate a bold honest woman named Kangana.

by Camera Operator (8.5k points)

Just like aamir could not tolerate a bold journo? Mate have some sense and use your mind before passing any comments.

0 votes

Well done indicine. Thanks for showing the truth

by Star (140k points)

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