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in General by Production Designer (15.2k points)
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stardom means bigger opening, bigger gross, bigger reach bigger lifetime that is the deifintion of stardom,
hope u understand


thnx for opening my eyes Mr.Genius......bhai tu shayad aaj paida hoa hai......hm is forum py stardom stardom 2013 sy khel chukay, discuss kr chukay, smjh chukay, thakk chukay


Vectus, leave it bro this is what happens when so biggest star film jhms does less than tiger shroff bhaghi with a good director and big actrss lol.

Aamir is no 1 nd rest of bollywood fighting for no 2 spot. Aamir sir is faaaar ahead today


abe chal tu is forum pe 2013 se ho ya phir 1820 se use hame kiya bakwas tere sunne k liey hum log nahi hai yahan par,

15cr k bhi opening nahi de paya srk apni last film me, aur chale hai stardom ka gyan dene,

chal akki ko support kar , tere stardom se na opening lagegi na lifetime lagegi zindagi bhar amir , salman se picche rahega stardom k race me,

3 Answers

+4 votes
Best answer

let Akki first cross 150cr , Akki is media superstar as its very clear with good wom his movies just collect about 120-130cr , whereas worst movies of Khans are collecting in range of 120 cr for me ranking will be Aamir, Salman, SRK and Hrithik and then Akshay, Even Hrithik is much bigger then akki let Hrithik have a good commercial movie and see the result.

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)
selected by

My ranking is also same


Agree totally.

+2 votes

IMO, he cannot in his current state. the craze is missing. back in 2007 he almost got HGOTY and ATG with Welcome and if the movie hadn't clashed, it would have achieved those things. the opening was also huge. but the kind of movies he's doing today either don't have that scope, or they aren't that good.

I am glad that he is apparently trying to get back into that massy zone. Robot 2 is coming soon, he has signed a comedy remake called Lord of Lungi (which could be entertaining but the director is awful), he's been reported to be in talks with Priyadarshan and Hera Pheri 3 could also start soon.

If he does these type of movies and gets back to that level he was in 2007, then maybe. But I don't think it will happen.

by Assistant Director (43.2k points)

Don't you think for achieving 300cr on edx one
Should have capable of reaching 150cr on nonholiday With mixed wom like srk did with raees ,with clash did almost
130cr.sultan,pk are sure shot 250cr+grosser even on nonholiday.
Dangal, bajrangi bhaijan are sure shot 300cr grosser even on nonholiday.
According to me akki lack Pan India appeal so with excellent wom also
He ables to collect 130cr at max on nonholiday.


thats what I am saying. he used to be much bigger back in 2007-2008, but at his current position he cannot reach those numbers. he has to start going big action and comedy movies again for such big numbers to be a possibility for hm.

+1 vote

Nope. Leave the khans apart. A guy like hrithik roshan is wasting his talent at home, if he does the right film with the right director, he can easily do 250Cr. Take out crap like mjo and put hrithik in a bahubali like scale film.....will do way way bigger than all akki films since 2016

by Director (121k points)

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