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+4 votes
Now it's becoming intolerable that he is flooding industry with patriotism. 1,2,3... Films on films on national holiday that too with full govt backing.

Those rightist ( except few real nationalists ) who do not know even real definition of nationalism adore him and call him the true Deshbhakt, They hail him Deshbhakt just to downgrade Khan's dominance. They think that it will result into decrease in khan's popularity. But we know that it will not happen. India regardless the religion creed has showered love on the khan's.

Akshay Kumars rozi rôti is now on this thing. Now he has aligned himself on promoting govt. initiaves so now it's so easy for him to continue this.

Lage raho this is India u will see interesting things like this..

What he say I love Canada it's very beautiful, large scenary, good infrastructure, This is completely opposite to India (Aacc thoo, those who really love will not say like this instead will do something to change ) will settle here once I get retired from the industry..

He is seriously professional, earning money and returning the taxes in his business destination India.  

Condemn, I was praising him for toilets...
asked in Trolls by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
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5 Answers

+3 votes

+1 from me, though I love akki as an​ actor but this
Is too much.he had been doing patriotism drama
Since 2years and will continue to do until the genre
Dies.by doing this he is loosing my respect,and now Iam
Seeing general perception towards him are changing like
Never before ,people outside internet are falling to his
Trap.l myself witnessed my childhood friend who was once srk fan
Now he hates srk and love akki so this type people also exists.
Media had done huge negative against khans, their image
Had taken a huge toll.you can imagine the negativity my
Parents after that intolerance issue had not seen one srk's
Movie in theatre,the 3khans hates India the mentality had become like this.
Imagine if any of the khans trio had done the
Flag mistake what type of rage they would have faced, for akki nothing.
The general perception is like akki is a great human being who loves his country.
Akki is playing with this emotion of people outside internet, I hope his next patriotic
Movie flops badly so that he will stop this drama for one &all.

answered by Location Scout (4.2k points)
+1 vote

No celebrity's fans are limited to any group or the other. For many decades, the notion of diversity on screen and off is hardwired into the DNA of Bollywood

answered by Unit Manager (36.2k points)

sahi hain.............................................................................

+1 vote

Ohh.. I was thinking sunny Leone. Verily, her entry in India is a boon to Indian men. I don't know about akshay Kumar, I too don't want to live in this country.

answered by Producer (115k points)

No Arab... I like Pakistan.

hahaha......aja bhai aja

sure, anytime.. go pakistan.... why dont you go righ now.... ?

Here i cum........

+1 vote

100% agree this time. How can you milk the government and the nation when you are not a citizen here? Akki is a superstar no doubt but his over the top fake promotions put me off from seeing tepk.

Khans have class, never seen them do all this.

answered by Cinematographer (96.3k points)
0 votes

Birthday ke din to aise post na Banata...

Akki Bhai in solid form.... don't bash him.

answered by Assistant Director (40.1k points)

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