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I don't think these guys will slow down in near future, though khans are in a different league of superstardom I don't think it ever happened that top 4-5 superstars were on top after almost 30 years of their debut and aging over 50.

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It had never been happened in Bollywood history.
No one has ruled the industry after 50, but I hope they
Continued to rule for 10years more atleast, because
With new generation running behind urban romcom I have
No interest in Bollywood after khans, jinhone hamare bachpan
Se humein entertain karte aa rahe hain,wo bachpan emotions
Jinke saath juda hua hai unhe hum kaise bhul sakte hain.
With the new generation running behind urban audience
I think khans, akki, Ajay will be the last superstar of Bollywood
Who have debuted after 90's with only one exception hritik.

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Their greatest achievement is that there are no sense of reverence and respect for them. Everyone still hopes them to deliver big, event movies and if failed severely criticized.
Aamir and Salman have traversed from the old India to the post-91 generation to now, the era of smartphones and social media. All of them haveremarkable ability to reinvent themselves and superb talents to fulfill the needs of their loyal fans

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Incredible longevity. Since the khans are always in the spotlight, I will talk about akshay. One of the most versatile superstars with an amazing work ethic. Most important is how he has picked up his script sense after a spate of trash movies. From s26 to baby, airlift, jolly llb and now tepk, he is entering his best phase now.

2018 can put akki into that topmost bracket, 2.0 can give him that big blockbuster he needs.

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Shahrukh is yet to give a clean hit after turning 50. You can exclude him.

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