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+3 votes

Here's how cricbuzz described the moment..!!

He became 3rd fast bowler & 6th overall to achieve this milestone..!!

Other Bowlers who have achieved this milestone -

M Muralitharan - 800 Wickets
Shane Warne - 708 Wickets
Anil Kumble - 619 Wickets
Glenn McGrath - 563 Wickets
CA Walsh - 519 Wickets
James Anderson - 500 Wickets
in Sports Related by Mega Star (211k points)
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4 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Well I admire James Anderson from his early days. He is one of the few who can swing both ways with great line and control. damn he can reverse swing also. Great bowler.

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)
selected by

Gulami kehte hain isse bhai. Apno ki maaro, dusro ki chato.


Someone around here is an expert at that. Uska bas chale to south africa ki t20 league men abd ki team ka coach ban jaaye. Most saf are quitting for kolpak deals.....par kisi ek ko interest hai wahin bas jaane mein.


SAF has a bad quota system. They are losing good players.


Amla might also quit next year. Ultimately both abd and steyn will quit for a kolpak deal.

+2 votes

Wow. You must be so happy. Chalo, atleast one of your admired people is doing well in life. First favourite is still.............

by Director (136k points)

You hate kohli more than you love SRK. The day we win or draw a series in South africa or England or win in aus, you will go into a shell shock.

Well, be prepared then. Dont blame me next time, aisa hone wala hai agle saal. For your sake hope dwarf becomes a BB, kuch to khushi milegi agle saal


Nope, i love srk more then i hate kohli, proof is, i normally don't talk about kohli nowdays, unless someone starts, and when Vectus posted it yesterday, i got charged up, nothing else, otherwise i don't even like to talk about that loudmouth fool..!!

And as for Dwarf, think about your playboy star, ab tak koi movie sign karne ka irada hai ya kangana ki baatein sunkar hi khush hain bhaisaab..!!


I think you need to set an example being an admin. You cant call a sporting icon a fool just because you dislike him.

Dwarf na bhi chali to chalo tb ki khushi isi men hai ki abd vaapas aa gya. So how many tons against bangla at home, 3?.


I don't care, i never watched cricket for tons & mote tons, i watch cricket to enjoy and wanting that the team i support wins

Off course tons are good but as long as he bats, it's joy to watch, similarly to David Warner, it feels good to watch them, and yes, i like other cricketers too except abd, but i dislike few other then Kohli

+2 votes

Watching Anderson swings the ball in English fields is the best sight

by Executive Producer (62.7k points)
+1 vote


One of my favorite bowler......

Still remember his match against Pak 2003 world cup

Hattrick and won

by Assistant Director (47.4k points)

What? Jimmy anderson in the 2003 world cup? Which man you talking about?


Yes man.........

He was in 2003 world cup......
He took 4 wickets against Pak ....... and won England

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