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BOI applied real value theory during pre eid and non holiday and clash of movies.

so in cricket there should be real value theory.

real value is applied in cricket due to

1.smaller grounds

2. 50 over power play.

3. dead pitches/flat pitches

4 .bigger size of bats.

5. weaker bowlers.
in Sports Related by Set Designer (2.4k points)
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forget sachin he is not even comparable to brian lara.
foremost quality of batsmen is he shd be eye pleasing to watch like abd, root,kane, brian,sachin
kholi play almost all boring shots his only purpose is to score runs by any shot.


@Vectus you called @Roman a child what are you now ....
you have written Kholi which means a room/kamra in local language ...... Lol

9 Answers

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Let me help you..!!

Kohli is arrogant classless wannabe..!!

Kohli fanboys/fangirls are delusional morons..!!

Here, summed up both for you..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)
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Oh yeah, you had that money argument, but now ABD decides to do play all 3 formats, you lose your shitty argument hahahaha..!!

And look who's talking about money, people who thinks crores of rupees per year is peanut..!!

And yes i have watched his latest videos and you know what, one thing ahain he made me admire him again

"I wanna play hard and win too, but that doesn't mean i swear at players"

Thiese are ambassadors of A Gentlemen's game, others, like your favourite, are called mannerless morons hahahaha


And tell SA CHALA JAA to that Mumbai crowd who were cheering ABD as anything while he was *** indian bowlers, or kanpur crowd who cheered ABD more then Rohit & some of them said in interview that India lost is bad but watching ABD hitting century has made up for it..!!

I'm sure both crowd will beat you up for saying this


Every person is different tb. Ganguly used to swear, he was damn aggressive in his playing days. Abd is not a benchmark.

Kaun si swearing yaad aa rahi hai tujhe? 2012 wali? In recent times kohli thanks to his fitness and work ethic is the darling of millions, if youre jealous, then I cannot help it


Coming to kohli, give him swinging pitch, and see him dancing better then Hrithik Roshan on cricket pitch
the only good thing I like about kholi is he is a great actor (the only comment i read of Vectus.....otherwise i think only he likes to read his one else)

+2 votes

Lets all get something straight here..

Virat is the best batsman currently in the world.. no doubts about that..but still he needs to step up big outside Asia and against quality bowlers..
Virat started making it big when India as a team started dominating world cricket and currently they are the most formidable side in world cricket.

Virat is playing at a stage where quality bowlers can be counted on fingers.

Virat is playing at a stage where batting pitches are the most used in matches these days.

Virat is playing at a stage where T20 has evolved completely making cricket more of a batting and less bowling.

Virat is playing at a stage where grounds along with pitches are favoured mostly for batting with falt clean pitches, shorter boundaries and less grass.

Virat is playing at a stage where the quality of bowlers cant even be compared or match 25% of the bowlers sachin faced.

Now coming to Sachin

Sachin played in an era where India where never a top2 or 3 side in world cricket.

Sachin was for most part the lone warrior in the team which multiplied pressure on him every time.

Sachin played at a stage when india even were down 7th ranked in world cricket.

Sachin played at a stage where cricket was balanced with bowlers being equal to batsmen

Sachin played when the boundaries were longer and grass was more.

Sachin never at peak had T20 vibes or influence

Sachin never played majority of his career on flat tracks.

Sachin played at a stage when 220-230 was a winning score

Sachin didnt get so much advantage of power play and new cricketing rules as current players do.

Sachin played at a stage when Indian team was mostly inferior to teams like Australia,South Africa,Newzeland and even Srilanka.

Sachin played at a stage when Austraia were thoroughly dominating world cricket alog with South Africa for some part.
and India were mere incompetents to those mighty teams.

Look at the scenario of the same teams now???
Quality players and approach are the difference between these two stages of these teams.

Just count on the number of quality fiery bowlers playing now and the era of sachin?

So there is the answer...and yes if both were playing in the same era,kohli would have ended up at max 30 centuries in his carren at sachins era and sachin would have ended up around 150+ centuries in kohlis era.

so thers my answer.

by Executive Producer (65.2k points)

I will agree there. Vk is the best today, but to get tons against wasim, waqar, mcgrath, warne, ambrose, vaas, fact the likes of sachin, lara etc will always be superior to the likes of vk, root etc.


similar to ur comment the list of fiery bowlers of that era goes on..thats y i didnt dare to mention


Kohli plays what he gets today, unfair to compare two eras. Even a guy like abd would have struggled against the bowlers I mentioned. Sachin a legend in his place and kohli in his.


Exactly! ! Not taking anything away from kohli.. He is doing what no other batsman of this generation are not able to..

+1 vote

200 odi centuries is too much mahn.. I will go with 175.

by Director (123k points)

agree bro . even 175 is too huge .
bro he is bharat ratna.
in his playing days he use to be the most important son of india. even today he is most favorite son or person of india.
no celebrity can beat him even in near future.


Yeah mahn.. My most loved person outside family and friends. I have stopped following /playing cricket after his retirement.

+1 vote

lets us compare 1st 30 odi tons of both Sachin and Virat
100 in India pitches : 12
100 outside Indian pitches : 18
100 in Asian pitches : 25
100 outside Asian pitches : 5

100 in Indian pitches : 12
100 outside Indian pitches : 18
100 in Asian pitches : 21
100 outside Asian pitches : 9

If Virat is Asian track bully then is Sachin ......

by Second Unit Director (78.8k points)
0 votes

Answers - senseless
Questions - senseless
Kabhi toh dhang ki baat kr

by Assistant Director (45.3k points)
0 votes

Stop posting usless and dumb questions. You remind me of someone else who used to do the same.

by Star (140k points)

ok this is my first and last question post.


@Vectus, you are free to ask anything as long as it's not abusive, degradatory, insulting or aimed at personal..!!


Arre waah...Intense and TB me toh had se jyada bromance chal raha hai

0 votes

Sachin is a legend and virat kohli is nowhere close to sachin, Having said that at present virat kohli is the best batsman.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
0 votes

Both are match winners for India

by Executive Producer (66.9k points)
0 votes

Sachin is master of cricket....what a cricketing shots....he played...

Just watch his Sharjah inning..... fabulous....

And most important that time bowling attacks..was so dangerous..... every team
Have some classic bowler....

Akram waquar Donald Courtney chaminda vaas McGrath Lee Shoaib
Pollack murlidharan

Watch old highlight ..... opposite team was very strong

Virat is nowhere to Sachin.....he is big in present.....but opposition team is very weak currently.

by Assistant Director (48.7k points)

great answer bro u just nailed it.

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