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Oonchi Hai Building 2.0

Oonchi Hai Building
asked in Movies by All Time best! (274k points)
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This song seems good. Expecting this movie to be varun's second superhit movie of the year. This movie has the potential to overtake TEPK and become the highest grossing movie of the year until Golmaal 4 and TZH arrives.

answered by Production Accountant (22.4k points)
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There have been movie remakes, there have been song remakes, there have been scene to scene remakes, there have been song remakes with original voices too.

But this has to be one of the most blatant, lazy piece of movie making Bollywood has ever done.
This, is a new low for Bollywood creativity & writing, infact i don't think that there has been writers for this shit..!!

Anyways it's proven by looking at both songs, while upper song is cringy AF, lower video shows why the upper video should had never been existed, ever..!!

answered by Mega Star (221k points)
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now this is called the c-grade remake of a classic.
after watching this, one can a bit realize the importance and legacy of iconic and legendary trio of Khans.

anyway the movie will (should) work because of release date and nostalgia factor.

answered by Unit Manager (36.3k points)
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How much I miss Salman Khan and Karishma Kapoor magic on screen...

answered by Editor (84.1k points)
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Yehi dekhna baki reh gaya tha. Varun dude, you are a legend in overacting. Waak thu.

answered by Second Unit Director (79.8k points)

who is king of overacting ?
varun or srk




agreed never seen this kind of irritating overacting k dukaan.pathetic actor.

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To all the brothers writing n calling Varun's version as crap.....did u even listen to old version recently???i saw it now, opened it with a feeling of it being a lot more funnier/better as used to like this song as a child but......if u have two versions n don't know which is the old n new one, majority i believe will choose newer version except for Salman looking a lot more cuter than Varun.......though both videos are crap of an epic level
n what is this obsession with word OVERACTING??? Varun didn't even do a thing here.....though nobody can deny that he has that capacity of not only overacting but overacting which can cause headache but why repeat the same thing even when it doesn't exist.....does using this word make u look like an intellectual??

answered by Unit Manager (34.7k points)

Read it, in voice of Bane..!!


haha.......bhai i said Salman is looking a lot more cuter.....but Varun is looking better at dancing......looking at everything, newer version is less torturous than older version....thats all i m saying.......n this is after not taking into a/c original/duplicate factor....otherwise original will always appear better


I did not found original to be torture, because it was 90s, their funny songs had meaning & lyrics

Nowdays even many serious songs lacks meaning.

Moving onto the video, this is not a dancing competition here, look at mannerisms, this is song with different tone & lyrics, meant to be fun & that's what it is, similarly, new one is also meant to be fun, but it isn't, because varun is not salman

Dancing never mattered here as much as overall product, so what varun is dancing better, your overall feel is still lower after you see how badly he's faultering in conveying the fun & entertainment portion of the song which salman did effortlessly..!!


i found Varun's version better..........90s did have some very good fun songs.....but this one looks like done in an hour........ab Salman shakal sy bhi kahin zyada cute hai, woh to God gifted chez effortless to hoga he

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