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Dangal is historic in Hong Kong.Tuesday again grows compared to Monday like last week.By including today it’s at no.1 on HK BO Charts for 11 days.Dangal was no.1 in China for 15 days,HK can beat that record.2M$ wld be crossed today in a country with a population of mere 70 Lacs.It is now looking at a LT of 5M$+.


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Tuesday Monday se bada hi hota hai.


I know but still it's good growth.Ur prediction of 5M$ coming true but not in China.

Jatinder mujhe Twitter par kyun block kiya hai,main kaun sa koi abuse karta hu.
I m hearing for Nov release for Japan-Korea.Any update.


December release is what I know.

Ohhhh didn't knew about blocking


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Bijli chidiya jalte raho.Tumhare jaise haters ke liye hi post dala hai.


I'm not jealous, i just can't understand why can't you add all of this in one single post, like Deepak did during Dangal's China run, and update it daily..??


If you don't care then why open the post and comment on it ?


u nailed it bollranga.