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He is a supremely fit athlete, a role model for discipline, if he can keep his form going, i see getting to 50 odi tons, an unprecedented, unheard record! Where can he get to in 5 years?

P.S- Trolling fan boys who hate him are advised to give a normal answer.
in Sports Related by Director (136k points)
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5 Answers

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He is just 28 years old
He should atleast play 8-10 more years
50 hundreds would be achieved easily by him
And that will be huge beating a sachin record
Who would have imagined that
Kohli is already a legend

by Assistant Director (42.2k points)
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+1 vote

no matter even he score 100 or 200 centuries does not matter at all.
even if he scores 200 centuries he will never be regarded as great batsmen as sachin,

sachin >virat even if he scores 1000 centuries.
he will still be regarded as a mediocre talent in compare to sachin,

nobody will rate him higher than sachin even if he scores 200 centuries.


cricket has lost its charm.

20 years ago a hit film has same value as hit film of today.

50 years ago a hit film has same value as hit film of today.

even 100 years ago a hit film has same value as hit film today.

but that can't be said of cricket,

a century 15 to 20 years ago has far more worth or value than a century in today's time

a century 50 years ago has far more value than a century in today's time.

note:- virat will end odi centuries to 65-70 at his current pace.

wonder if sachin is palying in todays' time with all the facilities like small grounds , 2 Rs bowlers , 50 over power play and dead pitches he would have scored 250 centuries in comparision to 65 of virat . such was his talent.

for god sake stop compare medicore virat to god ultimate gift sachin.

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Foolish answer. He plays what he gets to play. You have great teams today as well, its no meam feat to average in excess of 55 and to have such huge records against every odi nation.


bro read this tweet.

I m not saying this infact many people have same version.

virat is also great and he is my fav in today time.

but sachin was something else.

his every century used to be celebrated by every Indians like holi and Diwali.
people forgetted their daily miserys and sorrows whenever they see sachin on crease.

gone are those days.


That age was obviously another one. Both sachin and virat are greats of their respective eras. Glad and happy that an Indian is breaking records set by another Indian.

0 votes

He is doing very well in all aspects of the game batting ,fielding and he has improved as a captain also. He has done good captaincy in last 2 series. . Right now Hé is the most respected cricketer . Though I an not his big fan but has to praise because he is really doing well for Indian cricket..

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)

Yes. Fan or no fan, only a fool can criticise kohli and say he isnt good enough. If he stays fit he can get to 50 odi tons, legend.

0 votes


Not to the King (of gali galoch) Kohli, but to you, after all you get the chance to celebrate as atleast your one favourite celebrity is doing something decent..!!

otherwise your other favourite is busy getting roasted on talk shows and news channels by an actress..!!

by Mega Star (211k points)

You just pray that Rakesh Roshan doesn't try to take cost cutting route for K4, otherwise K4 will also look like a Big budget B grade movie..!!


@thunderbird, abd quit as skipper and will play all formats. Atleast one of your fav will get some success.

Or elsewhere, your fav superstar is busy giving disasters and 60cr grossers.


Well as for ABD, I'm happy, he looked fresh after a break, listen to his interviews on cricbuzz when you stop hating him, they're good..!!

As for SRK, still has Raees which crushed your favourite's Kaabil plus highest paid actor of 2017 from Bollywood plus one of richest actor of the world plus currently hosting a good inspirational show..!!

I see both of them are doing great..!!


I dont hate abd, he is a legend of a man. I am not a delusional kid like you. I may not count abd as a favourite but his genius has to be respected.

–1 vote

Some trolling fan boys are so delusional. Kohli is the modern day batting legend. He is provably the best batsman I have ever seen.

by Second Unit Director (77.1k points)

Kohli was brash and arrogant around 6 years back, in the last 2years he has become very cool and disciplined. No over the top celebrations after getting to a ton either.

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