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As I have been saying it times and again for last one month that its going Race 3 vs thugs for hgoty and both will have equal chances ,equal star cast,equal scale but many will still be disagreed with me, but I wanna repeat it Race 3 is going to be very huge after Amitabh joins the cast and there are very bright chances He will sign that movie , who would not want to be in that movie with Megastar Salman khan? Now with chartbuster music, big scale action, high production values and high profile star cast Race 3 going to be really huge mahn , Is any body have doubts?
Source Link: https://skjbollywoodnews.com/amitabh-bachchan-ive-approached-race-3/amp/
in Movies by Production Accountant (24.9k points)
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race 3 will not even do half business of toh . its a crap project and wastage of time by salman.
salman is just signing random projects here and there just to not miss eid slot.

next year another disaster is waiting to be unfolded.


Tu dwarf and thugs ki khair mana Race ko chod

4 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Now Race 3 is really getting bigger and better

by Assistant Director (59.9k points)
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+1 vote

Off course, no doubts at all, TOH will easily outgross Race 3, there shouldn't be any doubt about this at the first place..!!

by Mega Star (211k points)

salman fans are desperate to build hype around race3.
its just a random project chosen by salman to fulfill his eid slot next year.

this type of trick will not work anymore as audience are too smart now a days.

moreover this race 3 sounds so crap in bold letters.

+1 vote

Wait for the announcement, supporting cast will be epic .
Also Victor is any day better than Remo.

P.s: next year its ToH vs 2.0
and Race 3 vs Dwarf.

by Production Accountant (25.1k points)

yes toh potential 450-485cr net grosser india
race 3 maximum 220cr


Hahahaha toh 400? Its diwali not free weeks Xmas max will be 320cr lifetime of thugs forget about even 350cr and u saying it 400+ it sounds laughable


U mean 2 will collect 300+ in Hindi markets ? 2 will be max 200cr in Hindi and Race 3 will collect 150cr in 4 days Thursday-sunday even thugs won't break it

0 votes

i think salman really tries to mimic amir and his moves, in order to catch up on the BO front. Doing a wrestling film and releasing it before Dangal was not enough. Now he wants to ensure Big B advantage is there in Race 3 like TOH. He may copy every trick in the trade, but will remain a distant second to Aamir due to overall quality of films.

by Set Designer (2.4k points)

everybody knows salman is one genre star now a days.
people accept him in only action roles. that the main reason of declining dancing dad of remo and instead again choosing action race 3.

I agree he is huge in action roles . and nobody can match but how long will he survive with action roles as age no longer on his side.

while amir is master and not dependent on any particular genre. all genres covered with equal ease at bo and critic.

he is here to rule for another 15 years.


Hahahaha stardom of aamir? I am laughing it hard what kind of stardom aamir has? He did 41 movies to date and only 20 are successful and 20 are outright flops so Salman have 33 flops out of 73 movies while aamir have 20 out of 41 , Salman is pretty more successful than your aamir coz if u do more movies then more chances to be flop so doing almost 90% more movies than aamir still salman has almost similar success ratio


amir flops only 15
salman flops around 35

any day amir>salman

what kind of star salman is who scared to experiment and take risk .99% of salman all films are safe commercial films even though he gave so many flops in safe films rofl

amir experiment a lot that's why he has some flops
while without experimenting salman gave flops in commercial films in past. rofl lol.


Varun Dhawan Zero flop... Aamir 17-18 flops. So acc to ur epic logic Varun>>>>Aamir...... Hahahaha...

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