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Savage. Brillant picture. With the scale and budget and stardom, bas acchi story ho, 300cr is on for sure.

by Director (127k points)
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Tbh, the last hope for bollywood this year. It should score big time at the box office, minimum 300 cr nett.

by Production Accountant (24.8k points)

so now its minimum 300cr from maximum 250cr


read and understand the statements properly.
My expectations : 250-275 cr
TZH target : 300 cr minimum


stardom is judged by one whose name if you put in any film then how big the project can become is the best way of judging any star value.

tzh with salman is looing huge very big film

but toh with aamir is looking like mount Everest biggest project in Bollywood after dhoom3

both next films of salman tzh and race 3 dwarfs in comparison to toh that is the sign of who is the biggest star currently.

similarly if you add any star be it salman or srk in films like lagaan,rdb, tzp ,pk, dangal all these r semi commercial films then that film would suddenly look smaller arty type films
but with aamir addition these projects just become big commercial films just because of aamir name.

this is sign of true stardom.


Similarly just put Aamir in Dabang, Ready, Bodyguard, ETT, Kick etc...Forget about Blockbuster verdicts they all look huge disasters.

Conclusion : Sab apne jagah sahi hai...apne hutiya logic apne pass hi rakh.


ha haha haha

put aamir in films like ett,dabangg or kick then it would earn atleast 20-30cr few crores what it already earned with salman.

any film of salman role done by aamir easily plus aamir can gurantee bigger opening and bigger lifetime of 20-30cr

dangal is perfect example .
same genre but collection of dangal is 80cr more than sultan

same genre but collection of pk is 40cr more than bajrangi

same genre but collection of dhoom 3 is 80cr more than ett.

aamir >salman >srj

interms of sheer star power


tiger u just dont' want to understand what I am saying.
u r adamant.

I am saying in any film aamir name's adds far more value to project than any other star bet it srk or salman.

I am not saying dabangg ,kick , ett would be atbb or atg's if aamir played those roles.

I am saying if aamir did ett,dabangg, kick or any film be it bajrangi than those films would become way bigger in terms of canvas and scale or budget and thereby created more buzz ,curiosity than what it already done with salman . if somehow it became disasters will be another topic altogether.

but the kind of buzz these films create with aamir in it can never be matched by salman or any other star . in layman terms reason is simple beause aamir is the biggest star.


Lol... Aamir has audiences not fans. If he was there in Dabang, Ready, Bodyguard, ETT, Kick etc all of them would have been huge disasters. Audience can't accept Aamir in crap movies. Story, direction, acting etc everything needs to be perfect for Aamir films and fortunately he's been delivering in all dept from years. Only Dhoom3 is an exception and we all know how big franchise it is!

"pk is 40cr more than bajrangi"... LMAO! Which calculator are you using man? As far as we know pk- 337cr, BB- 315cr. Fir difference 40cr kaise hua???

"aamir can gurantee bigger opening Salman"... Absolutely true. That's why......
Top2 highest opening day (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrers.
Highest 1st weekend (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrer.
Highest 1st week (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrer.

Next time come up with little bit knowledge and sense, man.


ok leave it . the word content is hyped like anything.

good storyline is content for aamir similarly good masala inputs like action,comedy,item songs and romance is content for salman khan films.

earlier 10-15 years ago romance is content for srk movies.

otherwise there is no reason why content film swades is flop.

in salman films
content=masala inputs like action songs dance comedy

in aamir films
content= good tight story screenply

in srk films
content=romance (he got 95% success in romance)

I hope u got it.

but the main point is how much u score if u have given liberty to make movie of your choice. of your content.


tiger leave who is bigger or smaller.

my boldest prediction.

tzh will fail to beat dangal opening of 29cr.

it can maximum score 25-26cr since I am giving this predicton solely on the basis of TL lukewarm response and avg opeining

tubeliht also was supposed to take 28cr even chindicne said that but it did only 20cr.

tzh trailer will fail big time. you will see.


You have every right to predict whatever you want...I hv no problem with that. But don't try to manipulate the facts....Like "Pk earned 40cr more than BB"..."Aamir can gurantee bigger opening than Salman"...!

BTW, come to your TZH prediction... Nothing can be bigger than Salman in a big budget action film... FYI, Kick earned 25cr on opening day 3 years back (that too during pre Eid)...It's opening day footfalls were 29+cr...If TZH gets the same no ff on opening day still its 1st day collections will be 32+cr... And remember TZH will get 600-700 more screens than Kick and pre Eid factor will not be there.... I'm not even talking about sequel factor.


you don't want to understand.

kick,bajrangi all were masala films still failed to collect 30cr on opening day while pk,dangal are non masala films.

a masala films always take better initial irrespective of star cast.

aamir has not done masala film after dhoom3

aamir is yet to do masala film his next is masala next year. and my predciton is 65-70cr
see the opeining of masala film dhoom3 aamir in it

in terms of initial

aamir in masala films>salman in masala films>aamir in non masala>salman in non masala>srk in masala
I think u got it.


If Dangal and pk are non commercial, offbeat films then Dhobighat must be a commercial masala entertainer. Isn't it???

If your nonsense Aamir>>>Salman in terms of opening is true then WTH......

Top2 highest opening day (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrers?

Highest 1st weekend (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrer?

Highest 1st week (WW and domestic) - Salman Khan starrer?
Bolne ko toh Tushar Kapur fan bhi Tushar ko sabse bada crowd puller bol sakta hai... Prove your proclaimation with facts and statistics.


dangal and pk are commercial universal with wide reach films but they lack masala ingredients like action and romance to open big. these are word of mouth films and not front loaded.

while salman all films this decade are front loaded masala films except tubelight.

and salman hold those reocrds because of festive weekends>


Still chanting on Salman's festival releases! Let's compare Salman vs Aamir after removing festive releases from their career...
SK-2 AK-0

SK-2 AK-0

SK-1 AK-0

SK-4 AK-1

SK-2 AK-0

SK- 7 AK-2

SK-18 AK- 8
Look at your favorite star's aukaat in front of Salman without festive releases and think hundreds times before chanting on Salman's holiday releases.

+1 vote

Tiger Zinda Hain will finish the year with a bang

by Assistant Director (55.6k points)
+1 vote

Intensity in the eyes
Tiger will roar

by Unit Manager (36.3k points)
0 votes

just a picture ... no big deal.
i wonder people who are getting so amazed at this picture or the pictures ALI ABBAS ZAFAR has been posting.... what will be their reaction at first trailer or teaser

by Star (152k points)

Well loads of pressure on Ali Abbas Zafar to deliver. Ek Tha Tiger isn't a loved film for the sequel to generate huge craze all by itself. More than the prequel, it is Salman Khan & his pairing with Katrina that will generate all the hype.


agree, esp after sultan because of the fear and tag of 'one film wonder'. He has to change the genre in the sense that it shouldn't be a romantic thriller but an espionage thriller with good content and it should connect with the public.

0 votes


Waiting for this....

If movie have solid content....then can be emerges biggest Blockbuster...

by Assistant Director (45.1k points)

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