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Srk is facing a low phase in his career, following the underwhelming performance of his recent movies. Particularly hard-hitting is the failure of his latest movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal that could not even gross Rs 70 crore at the domestic box office. While his Raees is still the biggest Bollywood hit of the year, its BO collections (Rs 137 crore) are quite less considering the hype of being an SRK movie and its genre. So is Shah Rukh Khan losing his touch with his fanbase? Will it affect his upcoming movie with Aanand L Rai, where he plays a dwarf?

However, the director is quite confident about his movie and he is sure that it will regain SRK his former popularity and box office glory. Speaking to Mid-Day, Aanand L Raisaid, “With our film, I know I will rectify his relationship with the audience. I can sense what people are seeking. I will be honest to my craft and will work hard for my audience. I won’t let the reactions to his last films cloud my head right now. I am here to deliver and I will do a damn good job of it. Right now, we are having fun at work and I won’t let anything change that.”

He also talked about whether he is under any pressure following the debacle of Jab Harry Met Sejal. He revealed, “I filter it (pressure) out, and replace it with excitement. We are aware that his films haven’t worked. It’s there in front of us, we can’t deny that. Box-office collections don’t affect him as much. Bank account deposits are the last thing on his mind. What affects him is that he might be losing the love of people.”

He also revealed about SRK’s state of mind following the recent performances of his movies, saying, “Khan saab is a believer, an eternal optimist. He believes in people. Over the years, he trusted many filmmakers and got great returns. And then there are times when you don’t get the expected returns. Such is life! He can’t be blamed for the choices he made because they are straight out of his heart. He isn’t a man of mathematics, he doesn’t think about numbers. He is a pure soul, who will put his trust again on a great project and win his audience back.”

Let’s hope Aanand L Rai’s confidence works for the movie.

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anand banana rai is ofcourse the best pan india director ...... and i can guarantee that this movie will trend best among all srk movies since KKKG.... but the movie needs a solo release.... if it gets solo release it will cross 300cr..... srk needs to buy people or use his references to get solo release .... i personally think movie will get 165cr-175cr week 1 and 90cr-100cr week 2 with solo release.

but the bad news here is .... it has to give the best wom for any srk movie release in this century .... because problem with these content based movie is .... WOM starts playing its part ...even from day 1. as these are not the big opening based movies.
if the WOM is just good movie will be folded below 150cr ..... which will mean it will be a disaster....
and if the wom is bad... then it won't even do 100cr. with solo release.

thats how content based movies work.

by Star (153k points)
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+3 votes

National award winner dholakia gave him big shock ,yash chopra of new generation (imtiaz Ali gave him heart attack), biggest mass director gave him underperformer now let c whether ALR can save srk or not but personally I am smelling yet another underperformer from srk

by Production Accountant (25.6k points)
edited by

No, that's the smell of your sweat.



+2 votes

Dwarf is the last chance for SRK. If he steps aside and let this man take control, 300cr is on. Anand knows what Indian audiences want, something which SRK does not. Otherwise it is the end of the road for one of the biggest superstars we ever had.

by Star (140k points)
+2 votes

TBH SRK is very lucky that his next movie is with Aanand L Rai, he has positioned himself as one of the best and brightest directors of Bollywood.

by Assistant Director (49.2k points)
+2 votes

hope pe Duniya kayam hain... Aur hum bhi...

by Assistant Director (43.6k points)
+2 votes

Best thing about this interview is that they understand the real problem, they aren't shaking things like chalta hai and that kind of attitude, and they also know that box office is also not the problem as big as public perception, movies flops, underperforms,it happens with every star, sometimes they do in consecutive manner like what's happening with SRK or with Salman in last decade, but even more then that the public opinion & perception is what matters, and it's good to know that they know the real issue and try to work on it, so that's a good thing..!!

by Mega Star (213k points)
+2 votes

Don't believe 3 things...
1. Srk
2. Srk's director
3. Bollywoodlife

by Director (135k points)
+2 votes

fasl-e-gul thi , Gulposhiyon ka mausam tha
Hum par kabhi sargoshiyon ka mausam tha ,
Kaisa junoon khwaabon ki anjuman mein tha
Kya mein kahoon kya mere baagpan mein tha
Ranjish ka chala tha...
Toota jo khwaab ka...
Toh phirta hoon mein London, Paris
New York, LA, Sans Francisco...

by Director (123k points)

4_Lee ...
Dil mein tere hai
Dard-e-Disco ...

Aise Aise ....


Kya bat hai....kya body hai.. Disha patani of manliness.

+2 votes

lol Anand rai indirectly saying all u need to do is lick my feet nd dnt poke ur nose in my work... then i wil give u biggest grosser .....

by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
+1 vote

I have the last hope. If Anand does well and all will be well if not then my favourite star will be in big big big trouble. Still 16 months to go. Hoping praying...

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
–2 votes

Who the hell are you.....Mr. Anand L Rai......bacha hai bacha he reh, baap bananay k koshish na kr

by Unit Manager (33.4k points)

haha.....bhai tu dhang sy pichlay comments nhn parhta isliye lamba reply krnay ka dil nhn krta......wrna yahan to loag meray lmbay replies sy chaalo thy.....maybe i come after Suhas in long replies


Mene dhang se padha bhi hai and dhang se reply bhi kiya tha... Ek baar firse padh le.


ur dhang sy reply made 'not even a decade ago' as 'a decade ago' ....etc.....if this is ur dhang sy reply then i don't know what will happen if u reply without dhang


Tu zeher pee lega... Aur kya hona hai?

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