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Dangal at no.5 at Turkey BO this weekend with 37 Lacs INR.It’s a very small market but Aamir has indeed become a global star in few countries and Turkey is one of them.

Actually most in Turkey have already seen it on net and still in Top 5.Also to add it’s an ATG in Turkey now from India with 0.198M TL beating D3 with 0.191M TL within a weekend.WOM is super positive and screens are getting increased.

If his movies simaltaneous every BW fan wld become proud seeing collns which wld compete with Hollywood biggies.Aamir sachmuch global star ban gaya hai.Colln ki baat theek hai.Weekend mein bhi top 5 mein hai.

Hong Kong agla spot hai.24th ko release hai waha.


Source Link: https://boxofficeturkiye.com/hafta-sonu/?yil=2017&hafta=34
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Amazing collections. This movie is getting bigger and bigger.

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Excellent start for Dangal in Turkey , the movie have performed brilliantly even after late release resulting a huge chunk of business loss , hoping Dangal to get a long steady run just like Taiwan, China for a massive lifetime business...
But 1 thing is sure Aamir is rapidly increasing his markets outside the regular market & widening the gap between himself and other stars..

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JFYI Dilwale grossed TL 387,440 in Turkey.

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May be but boxofficeturkey which is the original or most reliable source to track BO figure in Turkey is not showing anything for Dilwale..


All Time Grosser is far cry in Turkey. Indian films did huge in Mid 20th Century out there. Awara and Disco Dancer are big HITs, probably 10 times bigger than modern films.
@Deepak I got Rentrak Bro not some Box office turkey or so


@charlie... ok so can you provide me the Turkey release date of Dilwale.

All time grosser is always decided from the BO numbers & no doubt Awara ,disco dancer were huge grosser in past but the times have changed now.


Even Dangal's 193M$ and 4.35cr Footfalls in China wouldn't be highest ever adjusted for few.