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+2 votes
So Jacqueline confirmed in a candid chat with fridoon in Bollywood hungama that saif is dying in race 3 and Then Salman will take revenge on baddies for saif's death so very exciting story is coming ahead
Source Link: twitter
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in Movies by Production Accountant (26.4k points)
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7 Answers

+2 votes

It seems using they are using Salman Khan's name for generating hype.

by Second Unit Director (78.5k points)
+2 votes

Lmfao story bata Diya ye tho!! Ab Kya maza ha!!

by Star (154k points)
+2 votes


Why would you change the main protagonist..??

Saif should be who he is, Sallu can play antagonist/anti hero or whatever..!!

It's like removing Srk from don, hr from krrish, sanjay from munna bhai, Race hamesha se saif ki thi aur saif ki hi rehni chahiye..!!

by Mega Star (217k points)

Two things..!!

1.) Did amitji made a franchise out of Don..??

2.) And DON was a remake, not a sequel, it wasn't like lead actor was removed aise hi..!!

And i Haven't even started on how Amitji wasn't even Don for majority of movie, it was vijay, unlike 2006 version which refused to kill Don and gave it a twist which in turn gave way to sequels..!!

So at this moment SRK is more of a Don then Amitji ever was..!!


Franchise, remake or anything like that kinda things won't work... Original Don belongs to Amitji.


Off course first movie belongs to Amitji, Not Don the character..!!

What was in first Don actually, how much was Don in it, Amitji spent more then half of movie as Vijay, Don got killed, Vijay's story was followed and end..!!

In SRK's version, it was all Don, from start to end, story belonged to Don, movie belonged to Don, movie started with Don, movie ended with Don, SRK & Farhan Akhtar gave Don an identity which original movie didn't..!!

Amitji's original was just a movie whereas later 2 movies were story of Don the character.

Amitji's Don can be renamed as anything else and it wouldn't make a difference, SRK's Don is movie about Don, it's it's identity, you can't change that..!!


I know all those things.... But whenever the cult character "Don" comes to mind it's always Amitji first.... No doubt Srk brings it to another level with two films but the fact is original Don belongs to Amitji. It cannot be changed.

+1 vote

goodness gracious it'll be not like kick 2...... thank God. story seems nice... previously i thought salman khan will be some bigger don and saif going to him for help against some bigger villain .... but this one isn't bad at all.... revenge stories i loooooooooovvvvveeeeeeeee... and so does bollywood......audience.

like ghajini, rowdy rathore, agneepath, race 1 ...... or dhoom 3.

by Star (160k points)
0 votes

Saif Removed Race Franchise will die, Saif might not be a superstar but atleast he is a better actor why to ruin Race franchise with Salman now, Salman suits in action movies where he does more action and less acting.

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
0 votes

The plot is interesting

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)
0 votes

watch that video again. she was talking about that scene of race 2 where saif was going to die. poor minds.

by Unit Manager (30.4k points)

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