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And what was SRK doing? I watched jhms....the main issue was the premise itself....the ring....very dumb. Anushka's character and her need for validation that she is attractive.....just did not cut ice with the audiences. Thoda Indian film style filmmaking hota to movie would have worked.

by Director (127k points)
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In between. It was good in momentss, started well, the illegal immigrant part was stupid and the climax was rushed up too. Average film, not as bad as it was made out to be


good to know that atleast a non-SRK fan is not hating it.......jst a little relief cz SRKians r bashing it like........agr boxoffice par chal jaati to bohat sy SRKians ny iski tareefoon k pul baandhnay thy.......as Chak De told us, SOMETIMES WINNING IS EVERYTHING


I did not hate it, maybe because excessive bashing had me prepared. It was a decent one time watch, parts towards the end were boring, the style did not match Indian sensibilities.


bhai mjhe to KHNH, Hum Tum, LAK, Cocktail type films sb sy zyada achi lagti hain out of any genre possible of films........so it connected more with me but i do know what problems Desi audience is having...........e.g. i loved how Imtiaz dealt with SRK going to Europe to become a singer..he leaving his house......but having read SRKians views, it was pain in the ***....Desi audience which had too much Desi-ness may have even missed the point of those scenes........little things changed, n it can be good for Desi viewing......n thats why i think that SRK except for that suicide part, he didn't interfere even one bit........but people r blaming SRK n RCE....kuch bhi

+3 votes

SRK said before that the movie was supposed to be about his character committing suicide, he just asked Imtiaz to make it happier, and the movie did take off in the typical Imtiaz way from there. I don't think any creative head made any changes.

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
+3 votes

Trust me, it wouldn't had made much difference, maybe the movie would had been bit better in content and maybe it had earned few more bucks, but no matter what it was doomed the moment they titled it as Jab Harry Met Sejal, and from there on, blunders after blunders..!!

Reality is, people don't want such movies from SRK, maybe few pseudo intellectuals want, but not majority of audience..!!

by Mega Star (208k points)

how dare u called me a pseudo intellectual


You are not, i didn't called you, you aren't one of those who only wants movies from european directors and treats commercial potboilers as some low level movies..!!


yeah baadshah is not a pseudo intellect... he's a pure art form of being stupid.

btw... you are right it was a horrific move to call it JHMS...
i mean .. you people are professionals who are spending over 100cr on a project giving over 6 months- 8 months of your lives for that movie.... and you are letting someone else name your movie...and that too in such a casual way .... like chalte phirte koi naam bol dai ...aur wohi title select ho jayega... you have to realize whatever title you keep that movie will be written in your filmography for eternity.


jst joking....cz i liked JHMS a lot....n yup, no back2back European directors for SRK or any other star i want......but its good to see some different stuff by all these directors that BOI hate

+3 votes

imtiaz ali is my favorite director ..... i have not seen jhms yet so im not passing any judgment yet ... going by reviews and movie's trend on boxoffice......but when i watch the movie ...and i hated it or it felt like nothing like imtiaz ali's movie... then im never gonna forgive srk for this.... if he's tempered with his vision or style of movie making... he only makes one movie two three year. they hated tamasha , rockstar ... but i loved both these movies so still im not gonna make any picture in my mind that movie is bad before watching it.

BTW srk needs to stop this thing..... he tempered with ra.one, dilwale , raees , fan ... before. so if he did the same with dwarf as well.... then im gonna kill few srkians. only the black ones.

by Star (152k points)
+1 vote

These goddamned mbas......

by Director (123k points)

Hold it now..

+1 vote

If they added more to SRK story it would have been better.. IT WAS all about ring

by Second Unit Director (74.3k points)
+1 vote

What kind of bull crap is this!!!! It's high time he shouldn't interfere in the script.

by Star (146k points)
0 votes

So Srk failed to ....

by Editor (82.6k points)