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Srk said 'Yes' to Anand rai film just after hearing its 1st 15 minutes script.

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asked Aug 18, 2017 in General by God Father Production Accountant (21,613 points)
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pic source : Srk fan (twitter account).

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tab to yeh bhi gaya kam se..........

answered Aug 18, 2017 by Agan Executive Producer (64,488 points)
selected Aug 19, 2017 by God Father

How can u say that? same anand gave hits like tanu manu and ranjhana.......

Red chillies team anand ki brain wash kar degi.
SRK didnt read the script.... damn sure... he handed over to RCE.

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He said yes to imtiaz's film after hearing first 30 mins
Now first 15mins


answered Aug 18, 2017 by SSk Production Accountant (25,658 points)
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what's the surprise in that? I wouldn't have been surprised if he had said yes without even meeting ALR.

Like ALR texts him saying bhai ek movie hai, and he says haan haan done!

answered Aug 18, 2017 by mr.hola Unit Manager (39,769 points)
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This 1 dnt seems to be correct, cz SRK took long tym to come on board for this 1... so chances are less

answered Aug 18, 2017 by Sudeep Guddu Camera Operator (10,850 points)
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Dont think it is true. Salman was offered the script first, srk came in later.........this time only a rumour it seems to be.

answered Aug 18, 2017 by Intense Producer (117,336 points)
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I remember ALR saying he waited for months to meet SRK. Even SRK said something like that. Donno what this stuff is.

answered Aug 18, 2017 by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (167,124 points)
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Please aisa maat bolo yaar.

answered Aug 18, 2017 by Greek God Executive Producer (69,113 points)

pichwade se yaad aya ... greek god.... nayu farmaya ... zuban se aadmi k khandan ka pata chal jaata hai.

Your @ss might be jealous of all the crap coming out of your Mouth.

semi retired calculator k cell tu kar kya raha hai idher.... ??? no hits no films....

eid pe disaster diya hua bhojpuri actor fan tu kya kar raha hain idhar

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No doubt this is a fake news.

answered Aug 19, 2017 by Vikram Singh Production Accountant (21,238 points)