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Salman has Being Human Organization
SRK owns KKR and has lots of properties
Suniel Shetty has his Chain of Restaurants
Hrithik has launches his Clothing and Perfumes brand HRX..

rest i don't know about...

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sunil shetty i think also has stakes in water sports business
maybe, dudes a pretty big businessman....
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I know little bit about srk so let me share

1.apart from being an actor he owns a production company named Red chillies entertainment

2.Red chillies has sub divisions like red chillies idiot box which has produced successful show Ishaan

3.his company also provides VFX for films

4.He owns 50% stake in KKR which is third most profitable team after MI and CSK

5.He owns a racing team

6.He owns some flats in Mumbai which are given on rent

7.He endorses big company like Nokia,hyundai,etc

8.He owns a house a dubai

9.he has just bought essel studios and will be officially confirmed

10.he hosts award show which i think earns him hefty money

For more information check this link


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He said not related to Film Industry! dude...
I said NOT RELATED TO THE FILM INDUSTRY....Then how red chillies comes in that....and how are owning a house or hosting award shows business ventures....and I league is india's football league,how SRK owns a racing team in a football league?
Sorry but can't edit now i have some work
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Salman- Being Human Foundation!
Hrithik- HRX Brand(Life style brand) recently Lunched! & Suzzane has Charcoal Project + Home Level (if that can be count as Hrithik's in any way! LOL
that's all I know!
Oh and SRK-KKR

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