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A special creation IMO. This commemoration of the 70th anniversary of independence that uses the female empowerment theme of the film reminds us not only of the role of females in advancing the nation, but also of the many challenges that India continues to face with regards to this sensitive and hugely important issue.
Source Link: http://indianexpress.com/article/lifestyle/food-wine/happy-independence-day-2017-this-dangal-themed-cake-featuring-aamir-khan-is-worlds-most-expensive-cake-4798208/
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i personally think instead of flaunting this blunder ..... ones involved should be ashamed.
for wasting 40k dollars when 40 starving poor families can be fed with this kind of money for a whole year..... and there are millions of those families in india.

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Haan Bhai.. 40K $ mein beshumar oxygen cylinders asakte hain..

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Dangal : one of the most impactful movie of bollywood ever

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aamir khan: king of cakes

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