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Jab Harry Met Sejal had a huge crash in second weekend collections which came in 94% lower than the first weekend. This is has never happened for a Shahrukh Khan film for a long time, in fact this sort of drop has probably never been seen for a Shahrukh Khan film outside nothing films like Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke and Maya Memsaab.
The second weekend collections are a little higher than Paheli (2005) but lower than Swades (2004). These are flop films over a decade back. The film is looking at a 62 crore nett close and a distributor share of 30 crore.  Its a complete mess up by the director and how. The collections of Jab Harry Met Sejal till date are as follows

First Week - 57,63,00,000
Friday - 75,00,000
Saturday - 1,00,00,000
Sunday - 1,00,00,000
Second Weekend - 2,75,00,000
Grand Total - 60,38,00,000
Source Link: http://boxofficeindia.com/report-details.php?articleid=3159
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Lol why just Director ? blame Shahrukh too as he was the one who was like "I just wanted to work with him".........Like mazak hai ? Kisiko bi leke kaam karoge because you just wanted to work with them without thinking what will be the outcome ? Fans can smell even beofore the shooting started that this Imtiaz film wont go anywhere higher than 120. And now that guy made a Disaster film .

Dont take fans and audience for granted like whatever i do people will come... No they wont, zamana badalgaya hai Khansaab... Ab toh sudhariye, kab tak Fans aur audience ko lite lenge.

by Producer (108k points)
selected by
+4 votes

A complete wasteout. I hope the pseudo intellectual fans have learned something

by Assistant Director (55.5k points)
+4 votes

Worst Commentry. Kewal Director ko kyun Blame kar rahe ho ?
SRK koi "Dudh pita Bachha" hain kya, koi bhi usko "laalu" bana dega.

by Unit Manager (33.8k points)
+3 votes

All SRK'S fault. Why is everyone conveniently blaming imtiaz? Its the superstar who should have known better whom to work and whom not to work.

When MJO became a disaster last year everyone blamed HR and his starpower but this time all will blame Imtiaz. Wow.

by Director (127k points)
+2 votes

as I said, not just negative WOM, this movie has Toxic WOM. it's not a case of "go see the movie on your own, I didn't like it", it's more like "I f*cking hated this movie, don't waste your time and money". My own hatred has affected at least 7 people who wanted to see this movie.

by Assistant Director (44.2k points)
+2 votes

all i have heard til now that movie is carrying negative wom and that is true but i have not seen the movie til now and i am in huge doubt that imtiaz ali's movie can carry such negative WOM because rockstar carried mixed wom and that movie is one of my all time favorites.... so im hoping its not as bad when i see it.... i have not seen it til now.

by Star (152k points)

Actually i like imtiaz film,what to do,his film are not for masses.

+1 vote

Yes European director messed big time with his alien stuff...
Audience also messed all thing by liking mindless masala but ignoring gem of a movie like TEPK...
Distributor/Exhibitors also messed up by not guessing the movie potential...
In short everyone other than Srk was messed up because Srk was , is & will be the biggest megastar ever..

by Director (128k points)